The return of the pendant watch

Pendant watches are back in vogue. We reveal the most fashionable ways to wear time beyond the wrist

pendant 1

What goes around comes around and the pendant watches of yesteryear are back on women’s necks. From the revival of the lorgnette to the abundance of secret watches, masquerading time in a piece of jewellery is a prevailing trend.

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The mystery of Cartier’s movements
A giant on the jewellery scene, Cartier is master of combining dazzling high jewellery with watchmaking theatrics as you can see in the hypnotising Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré pendant watch, above. A combination of diamonds, sapphires and onyx - designed to evoke the outstretched wings of a butterfly - form the body of the pendant with its detachable 25.93-carat Sri Lanka sapphire dangling graciously below. Beyond the dazzling beauty of this piece you will notice a whirling double tourbillon suspended in the void at the top of the pendant. Known as a mystery tourbillon, as it appears to float in space, this extraordinary complication has been one of Cartier’s most famous hat tricks since 1912.
The Panthère Mystérieuse pendant watch, below, is unequivocally Cartier.  A lithe diamond-studded panther perches on a swing that surrounds a semi-translucent agate medallion framed by diamonds and obsidian.  Transfixed by the mysteriously floating hands of the watch, the panther’s emerald eyes gaze at the hour and minute hands sweeping magically around the dial.

pendant 4

Harry Winston’s romantic Rosebud pendant watch
Harry Winston hopes we will be love-struck by the Rosebud heart-shaped pendant watch, below, perhaps the most romantic way of wearing time. The stylised white gold heart is pierced by Cupid’s magical arrow decorated with Harry Winston’s signature cluster technique in which diamonds are set at varying angles to increase the voltage of the stones.  For even more fun, a simple clip allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve, on an elegant black satin strap.

pendant 5

The Pendentif Boule by Hermès
This colourful spherical Pendentif Boule pendant watch showcases the skills of Hermès’ enamellers. Cloisonné enamelling decorates one half of the white gold globe. This complex technique uses tiny white gold cloisons or partitions, which in this case, have been carefully erected on the domed surface.  Different colours of enamel are then applied to each chamber and fired at high temperatures. Dangling from the white gold chain of the Pendentif Boule, below, the globe whirls and twirls show off its two faces: a multi-coloured floral pattern on one side and a pretty white-of-mother watch dial on the

pendant 6

Roger Dubuis and the year of the Velvet Diva
Women, or rather divas, were in the limelight in 2016 at Roger Dubuis with glamorous Hollywood-style creations marrying the best of high jewellery with high-end horology. The Velvet Ribbon pearl sautoir necklace, below, literally leaves time dangling in the form of  a pendant watch swaying from a strand of creamy white Akoya pearls and inky black onyx beads. The case and dial are encrusted with 918 baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds and the manual-winding movement is certified with Seal of Geneva.  For added razzamatazz, the onyx and pearl tassel will move to the beat of its owner.

The top ten attempts projection jewelery houses and watch

In the first half of 2016 recorded many imaginative energies of the most important names in international luxury

Apart from their interest in the high jewelery and watchmaking, several leading international market firms attempted in 2016 to embrace new customer segments through new members and new digital outlets.

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

The global economic crisis affects the whole range of jewelery and watch industry, but many of the companies are trying to respond to new challenges in the economic cycle by investing in new product categories such as accessories, and to increase the retail network, new locations where consumers can find and purchase their products.
During the first half of 2016, several were the big brands which have launched digital advertising as a means of approach and “consumer education” in the specialization, the DNA of brands that themselves have their products, of course.
Here, in alphabetical order, the top ten attempts jewelery houses and watch the first half of this year.

Bulgari collaboration with Barneys New York


The Italian jewelers Bulgari invited consumers and customers to visit the particular installation with the tree-jewelry created in retail Barneys New York store on Madison Avenue, in order to enjoy closely the collection Serpenti Collection. H pop-up structure was inaugurated on June 8 and marked the first collaboration with Barneys plans Bulgari.

The ... Green Chopard


The Swiss jewelers Chopard Haute managed to turn the “red carpet” ... in green at the renowned film festival in Cannes.
Let’s take things from the beginning. For about two decades, Chopard served the Cannes festival as official partner, taking advantage of this great film event to highlight the various high jewelery collections as well as the sustainable extraction of precious metals and stones, which is an established corporate policy.
At this year’s festival, the house Chopard announced its latest ecological sensitivity cooperation with Gemfields, which is one of the leading mining companies of colored gemstones. This new partnership is a section on what the Swiss jewelery called “Journey to Sustainable Luxury”!
So from now on, the emeralds to be used in the Chopard jewels will come not only from Gemfields, but will bear certification called Eco-Age’s Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) Principles of Sustainable Excellence.

Revelation 404 carats of De Grisogono


The Swiss Haute de Grisogono jewelery presented the possibilities of his latest acquisitions, which is one of the thirty largest rough diamond ever discovered.
This 404 carat rough diamond offers a rare opportunity for the world of high jewelery admire another excellent raw diamond. The committee will study and decide how to cut and process, he decided to frame the Swiss firm.
The De Grisogono diamond presented during this year’s film festival in Cannes, in an event organized together with selempritis and the film industry, starring the founder of the house Faouaz Gkrouozi and Kim Kardashian.

The Gemfields and feelings of rubies


The colored gemstone mining company Gemfields sketched the portrait of the secret properties that are believed to include rubies “weaving” three short stories with female protagonists.
These stories have as its title “Stories inspired rubies” explore the symbolism that the world believes that hide rubies, as passion, protection and prosperity, through stories one minutes from the life of three different women.
The Gemfields more now focuses on the feelings that lay rubies and less on their dazzling appearance, as these precious stones recall to mind memories or help in celebrating a milestone.
The stories of Gemfields shot on film footage and posted on the company’s account on YouTube. Available in format 15, 30 and 60 seconds and are a sophisticated weapon in the company’s campaign to social media.
The videos are directed by the Leonora Lonsdale, while producer is B-Reel films, based in London. The entire campaign will be supported with print media worldwide.

The Graff celebrates Place Vendôme


The British jewelers Graff Diamonds presents its capacity to reveal the natural beauty surrounding a diamond, with the discovery of a gem 105.07 carats.
The Gemological carefully analyzed the Graff diamond in this rough form, mapping what sections would work best for the stone. The result was the famous Graff Vendôme, a processed pear shaped diamond and flawless D, which was given this name in honor of the new store of the house of the famous Parisian street.
The first step made by Graff when it acquired the diamond of 105.07 carats was to use a computer program to map the concentrations and internal inclusions.
Then after analysis done by the Gemological Graff, the stone was handed over to skilled artisans cut the house. To cut using a laser, the appropriate shape and polish the diamond exactly as designed, the process lasted several months until successfully completed.

The watchmaker IWC writes in ... heavenly


The Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen reached communication to new heights ..., and presented a new watch model for pilots.
The Skywriter campaign allowed users to write a message in the sky and share it with third parties. This is an interactive campaign which aims to attract younger consumers by bringing them into contact with the latest watches brand.
The campaign Skywriter is the last step for promotional watch collection for the IWC pilots, presented in high watchmaking SIHH Geneva International Salon, a few months ago.

The Swarovski in search engines


The Swarovski house, renowned in the international market for precision cutting of gemstones, anointed as the official ambassador for future campaigns the model Karlie Kloss. Ms. Kloss replaced the angel of Victoria’s Secret Miranda Kerr, as a person of Swarovski.  
Recognizing the “glow of signing”, Swarovski attracted by Kloss inspired by modernity, freshness, confidence and the elegance, qualities that characterize the collections of the house.
H Swarovski drew its inspiration from Google’s search engine in an attempt Ms. Kloss has a successful first appearance as an ambassador of the house. So, according to the Google search particular pronunciation of the company name is the top issue associated with Swarovski and respect Google’s audience.

Tag Heuer goes for a VR drive


The Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer creates a legend with the help of a virtual reality application for mobile phones in the newspaper New York Times. The NYT VR app puts readers in the center of the contents of a valid New York Times, in collaboration with trading partners of the newspaper through a 360 ° immersive video experience, allowing interactive narration. The Tag Heuer -anikei in LVMH- group uses the narrative possibilities of NYT VR application to share the legacy of the legendary Carrera clock with the New York Times public.
Application NYT VR brings virtual reality to the everyday consumer through the use of their smartphone or Google Cardboard, a virtual reality viewer.
When the application has “descended” on mobile readers, they can choose between journalistic headlines or content you have created business partners of NYT specifically for the newspaper. 

The Tiffany upgraded its presence in e-commerce


The American jewelry company Tiffany & Co. chose the Net-A-Porter as exclusive partner in e-commerce, allowing the sale of jewelery via retail websites for a limited time.
Thus, on April 27, consumers had the opportunity to buy selected Tiffany’s house plans from Net-A-Porter. This partnership is unprecedented for Tiffany, as the Net-A-Porter will become the only authorized online seller of the house jewelry.
Cooperation in the framework of e-commerce with the Net-A-Porter has exposed the Tiffany jewelry in new candidate audience in more than 170 countries. The alliance in electronic commerce also promoted the range of presence through electronic commerce Tiffany’s house, which previously was limited to 13 countries.

Lost ... doggy Van Cleef & Arpels


The French high jewelery house Van Cleef & Arpels appealed to help the consumers in a survey for the best friend brand.
In cooperation with the online lifestyle publication Yatzer, the house Van Cleef & Arpels has launched an investigation into the lost pin with the dog that returns us to the tenth 60s. Beyond the potential case of recovery from the house of a track that became a legend before about half a century, the innovation of this initiative was to have contributed to the public visibility of the brand.
The #MissingPreciousPuppy project comes from a conversation between the Greek founder Yatzer Kostas Vogiatzi -istotopos which is one of the most popular online destinations and recognized worldwide for design issues, architecture, fashion, events and art, with an average of 350,000 visitors and 1,500. 000 pageviews every month; and the director of heritage house Van Cleef & Arpels, Catherine Cariou.
Although the Van Cleef & Arpels could theoretically create another similar pin from the existing original mold features, the agency hopes to be able to find and restore the lost piece collection La Boutique, based on an advertisement of 1966 to include in the report entitled “the Art & Science of Gems” in the museum ArtScience museum in Singapore.

Global market valuable products

Exceeded 1 trillion dollars in turnover in 2015

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


The global gemstone industry surpassed in turnover to $ 1 trillion in 2015, the category of jewelry and watch to know a small but rising, despite the ongoing global economic crisis.
According to the study company Bain & Company prepared especially for luxury products - «Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Monitor» - and announced in November, the total turnover for the year reached 1.12 trillion. dollars which is an increase of 5% compared to last year and kept constant market growth rate.
The expense regarding personal -Category luxury which includes jewelry and rologia- amounted to 253 billion. dollars, which is an increase of 13%!
In the study, the Bain & Company company recognizes three macroeconomic factors that affected the market during this year.
First, the strengthening of the US dollar. The strength of the US dollar discouraged tourists to visit as their holiday destination the United States, pushing mainly with European countries and bought luxury products they desire.
Second, the Chinese stock market crisis which affected the US consumer confidence.
And thirdly, the fall in oil prices, which reduced the wealth of the wealthy classes in the more vulnerable economies, as they mostly spend to acquire luxury goods.


International markets

During 2015, the strengthening of the US dollar continued to result in consumption restrictions in America. Shopping malls pressured significantly due to the reduced consumption of both visitors as tourists and permanent US residents. In response, the commercial world mobilized directed channeling tourist flows at top outlet stores and local malls in search of suitable opportunities and offers. While significantly strengthened and Online sale of luxury products, according to the study by Bain & Company.
Canada had a slight improvement in luxury goods sales as had to face less competition from the US, because of the strengthening of the dollar, as mentioned.
The study also refers to large trading markets of the most sought-after cities in the world, in terms of luxury products. Among them stands out as New York, followed by Tokyo, Beijing, Milan and Paris.



The online shopping failed to emerge “victorious” in 2015, as both of American and Europeans traders continued to react positively to the growing demand of their customers for online and multi-channel offerings through the internet (omnichannel marketing).
Also, the social e-commerce (social e-commerce) has begun to develop, according to the study, with the buttons “buy” to transform the role of social networks by simply referring to the website of a commercial shop online market in social platforms .
We also trade via mobile phone evolves into a central and booming shopping channel, with wearables devices potentially be converted into “new frontier for mobile”, according to Bain & Company.



The US, Europe and Japan are considered the areas where sales through discounts and promotions have the greatest penetration for 2015, meaning that in these regions have opened and operated most outlet stores.


Watches and jewelry

The Bain & Company study of notes that expensive luxury accessories, which include jewelry and watches, characterized by the tendency of ‘polarized’ behavior during the previous two years.
The 2015 global sales of watches recorded a fall of 6% compared to the previous year, affected by the recession that hit Asian economies. This trend has been ongoing since 2013, the year in which the worst performance of the Swiss watchmaking was recorded in exports since 2009.
On the other hand, global jewelery sales increased by 6%, as well as point out the authors of the study, a large percentage of buyers choose the jewelry as investment products of their money, in the background of an economic environment affected by the ongoing economic crisis.
Although growing at a “slower” pace, the market for luxury jewelery continues to outperform on all of the luxury goods market, as the jewels remain among the top preferred investment, thanks to the intrinsic value of the precious raw material. Also noting the booming global demand for diamonds, as pointed out by Bain & Company, a trend that continues to grow, albeit at a more moderate pace.


Other labels

Some other interesting design highlights are:
- The Market for personal luxury goods is still mainly a western affair, but “driven” by the masses of consumers “without borders”, ie those consumers who travel everywhere and spend anywhere.
- Consumers from more mature markets are more demanding and more open-minded.
- The retail stores and mono-brand (ie a single brand) are still the most popular forms of investment.
- E-commerce begins to show problems, despite the fact that even the brands continue to invest in it.
“For the past several years, we have referred to the” new normality of luxury “, characterized by the slowdown in the market of personal luxury goods,” said Claudio D’Arpizio, head of the writing team of Bain & Company study. “Now, we begin to feel the effects of the recession. The challenge for the luxury brand in this environment is how we manage to successfully navigate through a very volatile and unpredictable economic environment.“


Unveiling of Victoria’s Secret in this year Fantasy Bra

Unveiling of Victoria’s Secret in this year Fantasy Bra

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


Faced with the annual fashion show organized by this time the Victoria’s Secret revealed ... fantastic Fantasy Bra bra made from hundreds of gemstones, as is done for some years, drawing the attention of all who admire the precious and dazzling.


And this year the precious creation that was created in collaboration with jeweler Mouawad, and her name is Fireworks. The value of totaling two million US dollars and is decorated with more than 6500 precious stones, including diamonds, blue topaz, yellow sapphires and pink quartz, all the 18 carats.


Vogue said in the relevant report of the total weight of the bra is about 1364 carats, diamonds to be 375 of them. The Fireworks Fantasy Bra will display the model Lily Aldridge during the annual fashion show of the company, which is scheduled for December 8.


However, the most impressive campaign of Victoria’s Secret was developed last year when the company presented two impressive bra crafted by jeweler Mouawad, which cost both of two million US dollars. They were decorated with a total of 16,000 gemstones and it took a total of over 1380 hours of work to create and complete the task. Each of the two bras were decorated with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. The two explosive models wore was Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima


The top model Lily Aldridge wearing and displaying ... beauty and brilliance of Fireworks Fantasy Bra

Portable embedded devices technology becomes invisible ...

Portable embedded devices technology becomes invisible ...

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Many experts estimate that the market for embedded technology devices can climb in terms of turnover in 70 billion. Dollars annually over the next decade. This estimate obviously has not left indifferent the big tech companies and numerous gold- and other brands gadgets products and accessories, which in this year’s International CES 2015 technology report showed what younger have designed and built amenity of the desire of most ... technologically sophisticated and restless consumers.

Smart Swarovski


At the recent international exhibition CES technology, fitness trackers Misfit maker launched a model that works with solar energy and which is “camouflaged” with a number of large purple crystals Swarovski, turning it into an elegant jewel.
“Our thoughts are to create a product that combines aesthetics with functionality, so that our potential customers to choose and get it,” said Lindsay Kresch, executive Misfit.
“The issue is that no longer is left little room wrists of modern humans. When you buy a beautiful watch you did not want to take it off from your hand because you invest some money to get it. I believe that most people seeking more discreet ways to watch their athletic performance, “added Kresch.
The company considered bestseller category is the Fitbit. In the vast majority of the company’s products remain digitally and have a more plastic appearance. “So we mobilized the jewelry designer Tory Burch, who created a range of gold and silver bracelets and pendants that conceal very subtly the technological elements of energy detectors,” said the Lindsay Cook, marketing director of Fitbit.
What explains the executive Fitbit is that more and more people like to wear such products not only when they play sports or fitness activities, and when they have a meal or even when they are invited to a wedding. These stylish fitness trackers addressed to such customers.

The dawn of smartwatches


Large presence at CES had the smart watch manufacturing companies. The Apple, the Samsung, the LG, Motorola and other companies are launching models that carry a multitude of applications, which appear on a small touch screen.
Other companies focus their attention on customers who prefer a more intelligent approach.
The company Martian, a leader in smartwatches, manufactures products that work with voice commands and present the information to the small screen. The characteristic of the products of Martian is that their appearance is characterized by the markers bearing analog watches. Recently unveiled new models that designed and signed by famous fashion company Guess.
“Apple will transfer wider world the possibilities offered by a smartwatch and the advantages,” noted the president of Martian, Stanley Kinsey. However, he added: “We have a different approach. There will be a large proportion of customers that would prefer the appearance of smart watches Apple, but many others would want our own terms. “

High tech devices


A giant of watchmaking, the company Fossil, announced its intention to present a wide range of built-in human body high tech devices after its collaboration with high technology company Intel. The first models will be presented in the retail market for sale to the end of 2015. Some of these devices will be smart touch watches running Android, supported by the Android Wear. But others will look more traditional watch and will remind some jewelry, but behind the elaborate decoration will be devices with sensors and computational functionality.
“We will not go into a race to introduce to market a smartwatch», said the head of Fossil policy strategy, Greg McKelvey speaking the BBC. “We are in a race to offer interconnected accessories that our customers really want, and which will feature technologies that will offer more functionalities than timekeeping capabilities, while giving emphasis to the modern style.”


The Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has also announced at this year’s CES that prepares its own line of smart watches that have a traditional look, although he preferred not to offer a preview of its plans in this year’s technology.
Although the CES 2015 were several companies that showed smart portable high-tech devices diligently “camouflaged” by gems or beautiful watches, there were some companies that chose to present their products with an emphasis in digital mode and capabilities.
The most striking example was the company Mota, who presented a “smart ring” that offers Twitter and Facebook updates on ... finger of its owner. “There are people who wants to be« in ». He wants to always be coordinated with the new possibilities of electronic and new future and this can achieve wearing a product that is technologically advanced, “explained Erica Henson, executive Mota.


Strapless dresses and classic style

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Large and impressive earrings were the real stars of the recent award ceremony of the Golden Globes awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills Los Angeles.
Many selempritis appeared glittering combining strapless dress with earrings dazzling stones in simple style, mainly earrings drop earrings and-nails.
The jewels are generally preferred by the stars was classic, with colored diamonds, while dominated by the creations of houses Forevermark, Neil Lane and Kwiat.
Several well-known superstar chose for their appearance than platinum jewelry as the white precious metal highlights the brilliance of colored diamonds. 

Can the top choice in this year’s awards was the earrings, but some guests chose the necklace and necklaces. Of course, the majority of celebrities have chosen to leave “free” their necks and leave, except earrings, bracelets and rings to “leading role” in their appearance.


Claire Danes

Claire Danes add a sophisticated touch to the dress of the house Valentino, wearing earrings with bright blue sapphires of house Lorraine Schwartz.


Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston appeared with a pair of chandelier earrings in antique style, yellow gold and onyx, the house Neil Lane, and a combined vintage bracelet of diamonds.


Kate Beckinsale

Actress Kate Beckinsale chose to wear earrings-fringing keychain with the house Lorraine Schwartz, who became a rising trend in this year’s Golden Globes. The combined beautifully with stunning bangle bracelets with colored diamonds.


Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt acclaim wearing a pair of earrings separately in Victorian style, inspired by the nature of the flowers, with turquoise and diamonds, of the house of Lorraine Schwartz, and accompanied the appearance of this with a corresponding bracelet.


Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts was not the first time he appeared wearing Bulgari. Everyone agreed that was strikingly beautiful with the necklace which encircled her neck in snake style of diamonds, ideally combined with the yellow dress Gucci.


Amy Poheler

A special presence at the ceremony was that of Amy Poehler, who chose to wear a necklace labradorite of Irene Neuwirth.

43% of consumers prefer to buy online

The stores hold but the lion’s share

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


While nearly half of consumers have a preference for shopping online, only 29% eventually make purchases via e-commerce, according to a recent report Of this IBM research institute.
There is a growing preference for online shopping, but this trend has not completely displace the role of stores. This means that retailers should consider ways to bring some of the advantages of virtual shops within their own shops and to respond better to consumer expectations.
“IBM’s investigation has identified some areas where retailers can have some interesting opportunities,” said Kali Klena, representative of the IBM Institute in Section retail. “


Consumer behavior

Consumers are turning to online shopping, with nearly 50% saying they would prefer to browse in a store and then buy the product they are interested in via e-commerce. The number can be further increased especially in the age of under 40 years.
On the other hand, the majority of consumers think that buying the product they desire from a store and leave it having it with them, is the most convenient way to purchase. But on the other, the market through the shop and order the chosen product is constantly gaining ground among consumers. This is confirmed by research by IBM, showing that 36% of consumers choose to make purchases online, 2014, when the figure was 23% in 2011.
Another potential element of online shops is the ability to interact with their customers. A key point is considered to offer targeted and customized products to their customers, which is much more difficult in a classic shop.
Through all these interactions, retailers can gather information about consumers, their preferences, their place of origin, browsing, and their buying behavior and based on these data to reach more effectively the new needs requirements of their potential customers.
The collection of such data is becoming easier, as consumers are more willing to share personal information with retailers, such as place of residence, if it has established a level of trust. Approximately 38% will reveal the social media which mainly handles and 42% say willing to give his mobile number for sending SMS messages, while 54% can evaluate the exchange of such information as positive for the interests of .



Editing: Antonia Patrinou


Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, showing her ring with turquoise.

In recent years increases the demand for turquoise, despite the fact that it belongs to the most expensive gemstones. This is an aquamarine stone, located in short supply and in a few places on Earth. Specifically, the turquoise is found in dry, arid areas and formed where groundwater rich in copper travel downward and react with metals.
The turquoise recent years become increasingly rare gemstone, as demand continues to grow, while the offer of increasingly limited.
It is a relatively soft stone, making it ideal for carving. So it is not only suitable for jewelry, but also for making ornaments.
On the other hand, the stone he holds an important place in human history. The first appearances dating back to ancient civilizations, as well as objects from turquoise found in the tombs of the pharaohs of Egypt up to the Aztec emperor, Montezuma.
After the “turquoise fashion” of 1970, where the interest of the world and stones market reached its peak, nowadays we would say that culminates again a demand surge. This at least argues Richard Shull of Out Of Our Mines, a company that deals with colored gemstones.    
This is due to a number of factors which consumers began to consider again, such is the interest for the cultural value that characterizes him, but also the innovative jewelry design, which often utilized as material. Also, the rarity of turquoise, after the closure of a few mines including that Arizona «Sleeping Beauty», also increased its interest.
Buying turquoise has grown rapidly since the 1990s, and buyers are becoming more informed about what is happening regarding the particular gemstone market.
But stocks of stone have shrunk in recent years, both of those parts that are soft enough to be able to work as decorative items, and those who are hardest to be used as gems in jewelery.


Jeweler and watchmaker constitute a sector that is seventh strongest European economy


The value of goods and services in the field of luxury products increased approximately 28% during the period 2010-2013, according to a new report by the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance.
Right now, if you consider Europe as a single country, the luxury goods and services industry should be ranked in seventh position on the most important economic sectors in Europe and the twentieth in the world. The luxury goods industry is expected to experience further growth, as long as you continue the policies instituted to protect their status and facilitate trade.

Competitive industry

“That industry during the years presented as highly competitive and being able to grow globally,” said Armando Branchini, vice president of the compound Altagamma, based in Milan.
The compound ECCIA consists of five individual industrial associations of luxury products and services: Circulo Fortuny, Comité Colbert, Fondazione Altagamma, Meisterkreis and Walpole British Luxury. Released its first report in 2012, having commissioned Frontier Economics this mission. Then presented the findings of the report to the European Commission and the European Parliament, where he recognized the importance of implementing policies that support these industries.
For the purposes of this report, together a range of high-end industries as those that manufacture watches and jewelry, fashion, cosmetics and perfumes, accessories, leather goods, and services businesses such as hotels and travel agencies. Also gastronomy firms are included, furniture and equipment, household appliances, automotive and yacht building industries, wineries producing wines and spirits, retail, and commercial art and antiques and finally publishers.


Turnover 680 billion. Dollars

Their share in sales of high-end luxury industries in Europe remained stable at 70%, from 2010 to 2013. During the same period, the value of sales increased from 531.6 to 679 billion, while the value of exports, which rose.
The luxury industry accounted for about 4% of GDP in Europe in 2013. The personal luxury goods industry recorded faster growth even in relation to the European economy as a whole.
About 1.7 million jobs retain the luxury goods sector industries in Europe, while 200,000 jobs were created from 2010 onwards.

large investments

The big brand luxury goods go to large investments mainly at the level of education, averaging about $ 870 spent per employee, while significant funds are spent and the creation of advanced production facilities.
A remarkable new trend is to create clusters of companies in the same industry, for example, the watchmakers at Glasshute Switzerland, creating an economy based on knowledge and expertise. Also, cities with high concentration of luxury goods industries tend to have extensive retail services, telecommunications, financial services and professional assistance.
Michael Ward, CEO and chairman of Harrods ECCIA, said inter alia: “The luxury sector is the perfect ambassador for a number of uniquely European values such as excellence, creativity and refined craftsmanship. Thanks to the continuous development of the industry, we offer opportunities to young people from all over Europe. Our industry has been developed taking advantage of the virtues of traditional crafts, culture and creativity, so now not considered hyperbole that turned into the Silicon Valley of Europe“!


Over 16,000 gems and value 2 mil. eur


Literally ... precious is the bra painted by Mouawad, for this year’s collection «Dream Angels Fantasy Bras» of Victoria’s Secret. Two explosive Brazilian beauties earthly world, with the unreal beauty, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Amprozio, will walk with the unique sensual way that only they know, gracing their breasts with these two dazzling creations painted exclusively for top company Victoria Secret, the Mouawad.


The two bra is crafted with rubies, diamonds and blue fancy sapphires. Each of the two sets also includes pieces that decorate the hand, leg, stomach and neck.
Every year, a few days before the big fashion show in New York, the Victoria ‘s Secret presents a bra decorated with precious stones, the «Fantasy Bra», and often for this purpose cooperates with renowned jeweler Mouawad.


But this year, the company went one step further by constructing two such precious jewels ... wanting to double the imagination and sensuality with which surrounds all the products. So, this year presents two Dream Angels Fantasy Bras.
The value of both bra is 2 million. Dollars and are decorated with over 16,000 gems. The pieces that decorate the rest of the body other than the breast, is also inlaid with precious stones mounted in chains of gold 18 carats.


As announced by Victoria’s Secret, both precious bra to construct demanded over 1380 hours of creation, to be placed with impeccable technique thousands of precious stones.


Inevitably, for the two bra epitratefthikan two separate women who will walk the catwalk of the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, on December 9.
Both Brazilian, Lima and Amprozio, have worn in the past creations Fantasy Bra, the hand Lima in 2008 and again in 2012, and the Amprozio 2012.


The bra last year was decorated with more than 4200 precious gems among them, rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires, and a 52-carat ruby achladioschimo worth 10 million. Dollars.