Precious jewelery worn by Favorite stars, at the Sag Awards 2017

Emotion with horrible comments In the bright night

On Monday, January 29th, the Sag Awards 2017 in Los Angeles was completed. Candidate actors and honorary guests walked on the red carpet giving food to the photographers who in turn did not stop catching the event


LaMe’s great winner and star Emma Stone, excited loses her words by receiving the prize

The Sag Awards is the association of television actors and cinema. The award ceremony takes place one month before the Oscars.
In addition to the impressive appearances in this year’s red carpet, the annotations and open positions from the names of the new United States President Donald Trump, on his latest statements on immigrants and the closure of the border, were also missing.
Aston Katser, the presenter of the evening, paved the way for the following statements, saying “Everybody at airports in my own America ... We welcome you”
Julia Luis, receiving her best actor in a comic series, commented “I want you all to know that I am a immigrant daughter. My dad was expelled because of religion from Nazi France and I am an American citizen and I love this country“
Jewel Time during the screening of your snapshots presents the internationally renowned actors with the precious jewels and the houses they chose


Dazzling Emma Stone has not hidden her love for Tiffany & Co



Sofia Vergara with earrings by Lorraine Schwartz



Nicole Kidman with the impressive decollete, among others, also showed the earrings by Fred Leighton



Amy Adams singled out with earrings, necklaces and bracelet all by Cartier



And Natalie Portman with precious jewelery from Tiffany & Co



Brie Larson chose only one pair of Repossi earrings


Viola Davis with diamond necklace by Nirav Modi


And Sarah Paulson chose a striking bracelet from Nirav Modi



The seductive Sophie Turner with earrings and bracelet by Louis Vuitton


Emily Blunt chose to wear the Lorraine Schwartz earrings together with her toilet



Kristen Dunst with a vintage diamond necklace by Fred Leighton

Red color ruby
from Burma
Precious jewelery
at the Sag Awards
Jewelry ...
eat them!

Unique combination of
colors from the rubies

gemologies small

In the Burmese rubies
there is an almost
mystical appeal to them.
For many, they are
considered to belong...

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Emotion with comments
In the bright night

celebrities small

On Monday, January 29th,
the Sag Awards 2017 in
Los Angeles was completed.
Candidate actors and honorary
guests walked on the red...

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The most original
news came from Tokyo

thema small

In addition to using the
jewels we all know to wear,
we can now eat them already.
Q-Pot Cafe is the new hot
spot in Japan, which is...

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