Jewelry ... eat them!

The most original news came from Tokyo


In addition to using the jewels we all know to wear, we can now eat them already.
Q-Pot Cafe is the new hot spot in Japan, which is packed full of well-dressed ladies every day, patiently waiting to try out its unique jelly-inspired jewels.


In Japan, following new trends is not just an option, it is a fashion check and is spreading at a very fast pace.
The idea for the business step was launched by jeweler designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu, opening a cute and original patisserie.


His designs are sweet, literally. Artistically crafted rings and pendants, resembling miniature cakes, biscuits and French spaghetti are adorned with semiprecious stones and hanging in gold or silver chains or even on ribbons.


Despite the high cost of $ 50, even for a tiny spaghetti, Q-Pot’s success is undisputed. In order to reinforce the concept of “sweet culture”, Wakamatsu expanded his artistic creation into the decor of the cafeteria.


Q-Pot Cafe is ideally located in Tokyo and specifically in the fashionable Omote-sando area, and just as the rabbit house in Alice in Wonderland is impressively larger than its exterior. Customers sit on large common tables, although there are smaller, private rooms.


The sweet, pastel rich decoration is just as imaginative as the sweets offered. So you can enjoy cakes, chocolates, almonds accompanied by a wide variety of Japanese tea. Sweet creations are served on specially designed dishes, depicting either a female hand or a female neck, placed on top of them, according to their shape, ring or necklace.

The... glittering red carpet the Cannes festival

Jewelry house Chopard shone in the great celebration of cinema

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

They flashed the flash of photographers on the red carpet of the Cannes festival but could not compete with the glow of precious jewels worn by the big movie stars who “paraded” offering unique snapshot.
Official partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 1998 is the house jewelry Chopard, who this year again graced the wrists, necks and earlobes of celebrities from around the world attended both premieres and at parties that accompanied the big artistic event.


On Sunday, model Poppy Delevingne made his appearance wearing a unique value Chopard necklace decorated with diamonds. The jewel ideally combined with the deep green dress Vurberry Prorsum, while the beautiful Poppy chose a Toi & Moi Chopard ring with two emerald cut diamonds 5 carats each.



The famous French actress Emmanuelle Béart and Léa Seydoux also chose Chopard jewels on the red carpet, the first to wear a single Chopard diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet for the premiere of «Irrational Man». The Léa, which was awarded the Palme d’Or prize in 2013 for her role in the film «Blue is the Warmest Colour», passed the red carpet going to the premiere of her new movie «The Lobster», wearing more dazzling colorful jewels of the festival. Having chosen an elegant dress Miu Miu adorned earlobes with Chopard earrings blue sapphires cut pear and white diamonds, as a corresponding ring with sapphire. The French star has shown that a woman can stand out and shine on the red carpet without ... expose necessary in plain sight the bust or neck ...


Wearing a dress Elie Saab coral paint the famous American actress Andie MacDowell like seemed to have not spent time from twenty years ago the success of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and «A Funeral». Regarding valuable options, wore a beautiful ring of house Chaumet in pink gold and colored gems from the collection Hortensia, especially for the premiere of the film «Inside Out».


Sienna Miller singled to gothic appearance with black dress Sonia Rykiel which combined with a «dramatic» Bulgari choker white gold and diamonds. The British actress, who participates in jury of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, also wore a ring pavé Bulgari Serpenti white gold and diamond.


The luscious Salma Hayek-Pinault appeared with a dress color magenta Gucci’s house along with necklaces of the same house from white gold and diamonds, for the premiere of the re-issue of the classic masterpiece of Luchino Visconti «Rocco and His Brothers.


Natalie Portman chose to appear with one of the house of Dior strapless dress and her hair gathered together was heading at the premiere of the film «A Tale of Love and Darkness». A pair of dazzling earrings house de Grisogono white gold and diamonds gave a sense of absolute elegance in the beautiful actress.


Necklaces and diamonds stolen impressions

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Emphatically necklaces and necklace and “precious” diamond jewelry were the two trends that dominated the jewelry they chose to wear different selempritis at this year’s ceremony of Oscar awards of the American Academy, which took place Sunday, February 22 at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles .
The deep neckline and strapless dresses who preferred the more stars of the seventh art in order to cross the red carpet, particularly helped the emergence of unique jewelry, bold, yet bright. Like, for example, the necklace of the house Van Cleef style “zipper” that adorned her neck impressive Margot Robbie or the dazzling necklace of firm Bulgari chosen by Laura Dern.
Several stars have chosen to maintain a classic style, while remaining committed to the “best friend of the woman,” remaining diamonds. Like for example, Rita Ora, which adorned the presence of earrings of the house Lorraine Schwartz yellow gold and diamonds, and the Reese Witherspoon, which wore cluster earrings platinum the house Tiffany & Co.
Let’s look at some of the most striking instances of the 87th ceremony of the Academy Awards.


Rita Ora
The British singer and actress Rita Ora, who presented the award ceremony of this year’s Oscars, wore earrings yellow gold and diamonds of the house of Lorraine Schwartz.


Reese Witherspoon
Actress Reese Witherspoon, nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the film Wild, wore earrings cluster of Tiffany & Co. house platinum, decorated with pear-shaped diamonds and marquise.


Margot Robbie
The actress Margot Robbie from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street wore a glittering necklace of the house of Van Cleef & Arpels called “Zip Antique Colombine”, which is created from 18k yellow gold and diamonds and sapphires.


Tom Cross
The Tom Cross, who won an Oscar for the film Whiplash, appeared on the awards ceremony wearing on his left wrist a watch Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931.


Cate Blanchett
The great actress Cate Blanchett, which gave her voice to the character of Valka, the Oscar-nominated animated film «How to Train Your Dragon 2», appeared wearing a rich necklace of firm Tiffany & Co. platinum and precious stones such as turquoise, aquamarine and diamonds.


Viola Davis
The actress and presenter of the evening Viola Davis wore a necklace of house Van Cleef & Arpels called “Valadon”, which was created in 1973 by 18k yellow gold, cultured pearls and diamonds. Also wore earrings and completely flawless diamond tied in white gold 18 carats.


Scarlett Johansson
The always beautiful Scarlett Johansson, who recently starred in the film «Under the Skin», wore earrings house Piaget, pink gold 18K, each earring is decorated with five emeralds, four akoumarines and two green tourmalines, all cutting pear, and 278 brilliant cut diamonds.


Laura Dern
Actress Laura Dern, which was nominated for an award in the category Best Supporting Actress, for her role in the film Wild, appeared wearing the necklace “Monete” the house of Bulgari, which is crafted from white gold adorned with sapphires, rubies and pave diamonds.


Giuliana Rancic
One of the hosts of the evening, the Giuliana Rancic wore jewelry house Forevermark, which included earrings pins 6 carats of round brilliant diamonds tied in white gold 18 carats.


What are two experienced FBI agents to professionals

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


It is very important that the owners of jewelery to exchange information on committing criminal acts against branches of industry

The Christmas holidays are approaching and jewelers both in Greece and around the world have been ‘dressed’ in the festive waiting for the rise of buying interest and the advent of new clients and increase their turnover.
Professionals in the field of jewelry but should not they will care only about how they have shaped their windows or what kind of offers will have their precious products. But have defined and their plans with regard to safety measures that need to do to protect their property. Besides jewelers is one of the number one target of robbers and all kinds of unscrupulous criminals who see within these businesses a smooth small in volume but high in value.
Jay Bartholomew and Eric Ives specialists FBI agents who recently gave a very interesting interview with informative site relating to the jewelry and watch industry, National Jeweler, regarding the safety of jewelery during the holiday season, a time when professionals in the field of jewelry is very busy with traffic in their store and often this can lead to unpleasant situations with unpredictable consequences in the field of security, both human and products inside the jewelery.
Indicative of his experience Mr. Bartholomew, is the fact that every case in jewelry store robbery under its jurisdiction, and this makes it very experienced in their service.
What follows in the following lines is a list of five major omissions in the field of security are very common in the retail jewelry industry professionals during periods such as holidays or discount offers, usually accompanied by a rise in purchasing movement in their stores. These errors, such as advising the agents of the FBI, is very important to avoid:

We do not follow the established security policy in store

The majority of jewelery have security policies and procedures that follow throughout the year. There is no reason to deviate from a professional no reason these policies. “Many times during the festive season, disrupt and perhaps a bit complacent,” says Mr. Vartholomew, adding that, “It’s Christmas, everyone is in a good mood, and have Christmas music as background music in the store ... all these play an important role “
The festive mood, and the large volume of customers in the store, could lead retailers and their employees do not follow normal procedures, such as the presentation of more goods from internal storage shelves, compared with what requires the safe management of so exposed valuables in plain view or distraction from the control of their jewelry as serving more prospective buyers.
The complacency leads to distraction, and this development in turn provides “opportunities for the bad guys,” as he says Mr. Bartholomew.
Whatever the normal security procedures of a store in the remaining 10 months of the year, will be followed religiously and accurately, if not even more intensively during the Season periods. “The festive season is a time when it should be more thorough with the specified safety regulations, because it is a time of year that is most likely the professional in the jewelry lose his attention,” said in turn Mr.  Ives.


The complacency leads to distraction, and this development in turn provides “opportunities for the bad guys,” as he says Mr. Bartholomew

Devaluation of the possibility to watch some of our movements

The generally optimistic atmosphere during the holidays can also lead some jewelers to develop a false sense that they are more secure when they are outside of the store. But everything should be on guard.
Leaving the store late at night or early in the morning coming to the store, or in cases where a jeweler has several stores visited in succession, should be cognizant of the fact that one can monitor them. “They (SS criminals) constantly prakolouthoun the space you have put in their sights. And it is quite sophisticated in that their supervision, “says Bartholomew.
A good practice is that jewelers can park their vehicle near their store and even in an area with good lighting. In fact you should be vigilant as if aware that Kapi problem faced by their vehicle, for example, a deflated tire, or a door suddenly opens, you should be aware that it may be a trick criminals targeting rob them.
It is therefore important to know if someone is watching us ...

Lack of communication between professionals

The jewelers often the festive season is so busy they forget to keep themselves informed about several useful statements of police and security instructions concerning their staff.
It is very important that the owners of jewelery to exchange information on committing criminal acts against branches of industry both in the Greek territory and abroad. The study of such cases can a professional industry to export useful conclusions about how they act different criminal groups, diffuse and be released to other any experience or information available to all those working in critical and dangerous jewelry industry to know some basic parameters associated with criminals who target their space and the most common practices.
Mr. Ives, agent of the FBI, highlights the importance for all people working in the jewelry and their retail sale are to exchange information on crime affecting their industry, the most basic practices and ways of avoiding them. The information exchange can prevent the occurrence of a crime in the area!


The festive decoration should not obstruct visibility and complete download of the monitoring equipment

Safety equipment that is not working properly

Check the store’s security cameras and other security equipment functions as intended. According to Mr. Ives, while he would do something like that almost every day, he knows that there is always likely to happen. “Use this article as an excuse to go out and check your equipment. Make sure that it works properly, “said emphatically strain FBI.
Those who decorate the interior or exterior of the store with Christmas tree ornaments or other festive items, should make sure they do not hinder the visibility and complete download of the monitoring equipment. Moreover, a not they open a villain can escape the attention of the store staff.
The FBI agent with the cold perspective, points out another perspective on the ... cleanliness. If the surfaces of the display cases or shop windows are clean, can be an excellent source of fingerprints in case of robbery. “When you have a nice, clean place that gets a lot of fingerprints,” says almost jokingly ...!

Recruitment opportunistic workers

In the era of economic crisis all employers want to cut as can the cost of their expenses and usually start from their staff or more specifically, they prefer to hire part-time staff.
However experts draw attention to this issue. Invite jewelers to know well their staff understand what recruiting in their business. Remember: the jeweler not hire someone to wrap ... skewers or sell hamburgers, but to entrust a very valuable and expensive high-value product.


The first up after a century

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Faberge egg

The new Pearl Egg of Faberge is the first imperial egg has 139 white pearls and 3305 diamonds and other gemstones. The Fabergé returns to her roots, bringing back on track tradition of creating works of art. The new pearl egg is the first of contemporary creation from the early 1900s.
To celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the last collection «Fabergé Imperial Eggs», the Faberge worked with the family Al-Fardan, which members are among the most famous collectors of pearls in the world. Every pearl contained in the egg was chosen by Hussain Ibrahim Al-Fardan from the private collection.
The new Pearl Egg marks the first “egg” of Faberge from the time of collection “Imperial Class” built in 1917, and had to work 20 highly skilled craftsmen.
The draft Pearl Egg is inspired by the creation of a pearl in an oyster, which as it opens reveals a unique gray pearl 12.17 carats from the Persian Gulf. An innovative latch allows the outer portion to pivot in the cradle, allowing all six sections of the egg simultaneously opened, revealing the pearl which is enclosed inside.
The Pearl Egg is decorated with 139 fine white pearls with a golden glow, 3305 diamonds, carved rock crystal and mother-of-pearl «tied” in white and yellow gold. The base is adorned with white pearls, diamonds and mother-of-pearl.
The new house of Faberge egg was presented in grand international jewelry exhibition and clock Doha Watch and Jewellery Exhibition, in Doha, Qatar, which took place last February.

faberge egg1

The history of the house of Faberge

The Faberge firm was founded in 1842 and soon won international recognition for art objects created, as well as jewelry and watches. The collection of Imperial Easter Eggs, commissioned by the Russian imperial family in Faberge between 1885 and 1916, is perhaps the most famous creations of the house of Faberge.
The Constellation egg was the last egg painted the house, which either never completed by the creators of either not presented to Tsar Nicholas because of the October Revolution of 1917. Many even believe that it is in some hands, without having completed the construction of ...


Unique beauty and size of the stone Turkish Anatolia


The Milenyum Mining processed and cut pear shaped this valuable xariti (csarite) 121,65 carats, from a larger crude stone weighing 430 grams (2,150 carats). According to the mining company’s expectations, is expected to sell over one million. Dollars.
The discovery of Milenyum Mining brought forth the largest known xariti which were extracted from the only known world mine this precious stone, located in the region of Anatolia, in the depths of the Turkish mainland.
Note however that the other three times has been detected so large in size raw stone xariti but cutting efforts and processing have not led to the desired result, on the final block, as announced itself Milenyum.
According to the company, the typical rate of loss of the original size of the stone during processing, is 98%. The different in the case of this stone was that the loss rate was considerably smaller, and amounted to 95%. Do note, however, that the biggest previously treated xaritis size 88.49 carat pear shaped, recently won the cutting and processing prize Cutting Edge, in last year’s contest American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards. Other similar xarites similar size have given stones to cut cabochon.
“It was a great challenge cutting this stone,” said Rudi Wobito, head of the cutting group Wobito, the company which performed the cutting operation of the original stone.


The patriarch of Greek jewelry has departed

Having lived a long and prolific life, at the age of 93, the patriarch of Greek gold- silver-smithery Ilias Lalaounis departed. He loved jewelry as few have, and the mark of his wonderful technique, which was inspired by ancient Greek culture and not only, will remain forever.


The sword of the Academy, which carries representative designs from all his jewelry collections.

Ilias Lalaounis who was a third generation Jeweler, came into the world in 1920 in the shadow of the Acropolis. The jewelers and watchmakers family business began in Amfissa, where his grandfather, Xenophon Zaphiriou, had manufactured the clock for the village church. It is said that it was so well made that the German occupiers took it with them. In 1936 he passed the exams and placed first to the Supreme School of Business and studied at Law School, but interrupted his studies due to war. During the German occupation in the World War II, he visited Alexandrakis in the afternoons, the painter of the “Albanian epic”. At the age of 20 he began working in the jewelry business of his uncle, Xenofondas Zolotas. Immediately, it was obvious that he combined trade ingenuity, artistic restlessness and the courage to move forward. Later, he became independent and founded his own brand. The most daring motive was given by his friend Constantine Tsatsos, with the encouragement to bring back the ancient Greek jewelry to the forefront through new creations. Consequently, in 1957 the first collection was presented, inspired by the Minoan and Mycenaean civilization, which was exhibited at Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. The road was now open. At that time he married Lila Altzitzoglou. He had seen her chatting with a cousin of his in the street, approached them, introduced himself and a few minutes later, he proposed marriage.


Ancient jewelry and products of human work and spirit intrigued his imagination and inspired jewelry designs for the modern woman.

The first steps
Ilias Lalaounis started his career by taking over the family business “Zolotas” in the early 1940s. In the 1950s his genius idea to revive the Greek jewelry was very successful and undoubtedly changed his life and career as well as the course of modern Greek jewelry.
Ancient jewelry and products of human work and spirit intrigued his imagination and inspired his jewelry designs for the modern woman.
The historical knowledge of Lalaounis and his ability to have a deeper look into the sources of art and history of early civilizations led him to a number of “archaeological” collections that drew their inspiration from various civilizations of Europe, Asia and America.
The business and Museum are run today by the four daughters of Lalaounis, Katerini, Demetra, Mary and Ioanna.
During the 1970s, Ilias Lalaounis proved his inexhaustible ability to create and his constant search for new ideas with some spectacular designs, based on modern technology, astronomy, nature and biology. And those were only some of his stimuli. Today, at the modernized factory, founded in 1993, jewelry are designed and produced for brand name store in Greece and abroad.


Ilias Lalaounis and his beloved wife Lila

Famous everywhere
Throughout his life Ilias Lalaounis remained humble, despite the major distinctions he won through international exhibitions. Many celebrities and royalties learned to spell his Greek name. His golden creations decorated the hands and necks of the most beautiful women on the planet. But this was not the greatest achievement of Ilias Lalaounis, who died on Monday at the age of 93, having at his side his beloved wife, his four daughters, his grandchildren and his great-grandchild. His greatest achievement, what is written in his personal myth, is that he managed to wake up again, after a deep sleep that lasted thousands of years, the brilliance of ancient and Byzantine jewelry. He was the man who gave new life to an old tradition, shaking off the dust of history and bringing back to light, with his inspired art, the patterns and techniques used by the ancient craftsmen.

One man, one era
His loss, the last days of 2013, is the farewell to an era when Greece dominated through its cultural influence, the warmth of hospitality, the reputation of the power gained by some rich Greeks like Onassis, Niarchos, Latsis. Lalaounis embodied in his character some of the most beautiful Greek virtues: he was daring, honest, relentlessly hardworking, affable, citizen of the world.
Moreover, in our language, the word “jewelry” (kosmima) is the etymology of the word “world” (kosmos). He was a personality with international range and open to people, with empathy of the historical depth of Greek civilization and curiosity about any scientific discovery. It is no coincidence that he had been inspired by the conquest of space, the decoding of DNA but also from the humble wildflowers of Greek nature. Galaxies engaged with the owls, the flowers, shells, the aristocratic place Vendome. The French Academy made him a member. The Greek, did not.

International recognition
The international recognition first came through his great clientele and his famous shops around the world. Among the admirers of his work and his unparalleled technique was Jackie Onassis, Farah Deeba, Barbra Streisand and also Queen Sophia, since all of them wore his jewels. Recently, Christiane Amanpour said that she did not take off the Lalaounis wedding ring not even in the war fronts. The jeweler who revived ancient techniques such as granulation, filigree, forge, has always had a personal relationship with his female clients and he knew which of his unique pieces suits them best. Throughout his life he remained humble, despite the huge distinctions that he and his work gained, through international exhibitions.
His legacy is the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum - “my fifth child,” he said - in Plaka, with 3,000 jewelry bearing his signature. Two friends and colleagues had convinced him to keep for himself some of the most emblematic pieces. He was so modest that he had not allowed his children to put a photo of him in the lobby...



Characteristic works of Ilias Lalaounis exhibited in his museum.



Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum
The fifth child of Ilias Lalaounis was, as he used to say, the Jewelry Museum which he founded with great taste and which remains the only museum for contemporary jewelry in Greece. It was founded in Athens in 1993 and opened to the public in December 1994 as a non-profit organization of cultural character.. The Jewelry Museum is housed in the old lab of Ilias Lalaounis, on the south slope of the Acropolis. The building, a beautiful house of the ‘30s, was renovated by Vassilis Grigoriadis according to plans of the French architect Bernard Zehrfuss. Today the museum houses the permanent collections with more than 4000 jewelry and small sculptures from 50 collections, designed by the founder Ilias Lalaounis, between 1940 and 2000.
Since 2001 additions have been made to the permanent collections with jewelry, sculptures and works of decorative arts from Greek and other cultures, resulting in the constant enrichment of the museums’ exhibits. Temporary exhibitions, cultural and research programs and educational projects for children and young, publications and programs for adults are organized constantly. Cultural initiatives of the Museum emphasize social programs for specific groups, such as educational activities for students and people with disabilities, as well as lectures and workshops for adults, and often focus on decorative arts, in goldsmithery, design and practice manufacture of jewelry.
The Museum is a vibrant and modern organization with exhibits, activities and facilities for all ages. Looking to the future, the museum focuses on becoming an international center for the promotion of the history of jewelry and the art of goldsmithery, as well as of the decorative and applied arts in general.

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