Jewel Time is a new, international magazine about jewelry and watches, issued in English, Russian and Greek every three months, presenting wholesalers and creators, is addressed to companies and jewelry shops throughout Europe and Russia and has a consistent and successful presence in international exhibitions. 

With a presence in 35 countries and 15.000 professionals, the goal of Jewel Time is to be the most effective vehicle of communication among the talented artisans and worried businessman of jewelry and watches industry, within the most dynamic international markets.

Through the pages Jewel Time magazine presents news, trends, developments and innovations, products and collections that are manufactured and made available to the international market by large and small companies.

Jewel Time invests in and supports extroversion, creativity, and innovative ideas. These elements have always characterized the industry of jewelry as well, which has a long history and a grand past, but also a dynamic present and a promising future.

Jewel Time brings you in direct contact with the production of jewelry and watches, presenting you with all the new trends and products from jewelers that condense a 5000 year old experience in the art of jewelry.