With Koskarian “Live your Dream ……Be your dream!”

“Live your Dream ……Be your dream!” With Koskarian  
The Koskarian Company started its activity in the manufacturing and trading of jewelry recently, in 2007 by Peter Koskarian, an experienced diamond setter with 20 years of experience in the field of jewelry.

The company’s creations are characterized by elegance and discreet luxury while special emphasis is given on the design. Gold and silver are dressed with colors and the sparkle of precious stones that are carefully selected and evaluated one by one. Jewelry of impeccable workmanship and high standards that satisfy even the most demanding lovers of handmade jewelry.

You deserve the best and you can have it.....

Petros Koskarian

5 Mastracha str.,
117 44 Athens Greece,
Tel.: +30 210 3247263,
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Timeless design of high quality
Gold and silver jewelry inspired by the ancient Greek tradition.

The company George P. Tzortzis offers precious gold and silver jewelry, with dominant figure the timeless Greek symbol, meander, and emphasis on high quality and perfect finish. The jewelry collection of the company offers a wide range of designs from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants decorated with white and yellow meanders, with gold and silver as the main material.
It is no coincidence that the company George P. Tzortzis emphasizes the meander symbol, because this geometric pattern is met through all periods of ancient Greek art and architecture from the pottery of the Geometric period, decorative elements to the metopes of temples up to the shield of King Philipos.
The company George P. Tzortzis offers handmade creations, drawing its inspiration from the ancient historical tradition of Greece in jewelry and recently invested in exports, armed with reliability, quality of materials and integrity of the product.

61-63 Chalkis str. Nea Ionia
142 33 Athens Greece
Tel.: +30 210 2759373
+30 6972 860270
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Modern creations of timeless beauty
A significant upward trend for over twenty years is what characterizes the jewelry workshop Kapsaski. It all started in 1990, by Demetrios Kapsaskis, who started the first steps of the family business. The aim was to create jewelry inspired by the rich tradition of Greek and Byzantine art of jewelry. Initially all the jewels were hand made from materials like silver and murano crystal. In 2008, the son of D. Kapsaskis, Basilis, after completing his studies in designing and manufacturing of jewelry, began to participate actively in the workshop.
Utilizing the inspirations of his father, Basilis Kapsaskis had as a goal to offer jewelry characterized by timeless beauty, as well as contemporary style, and in this direction he “worked” with genuine Swarovski crystals, as well as with precious and semiprecious stones, with finishes of 22 carat gold in the new designs. The company’s slogan: «GIVING TIMELESS BEAUTY A MODERN TWIST», i.e., giving the timeless beauty, a modern dimension is not a coincidence.
Soon, the collection of these jewels was renamed to DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE collection, and since then has been presented annually in several major jewelry exhibitions both in Greece and in Europe.
In 2012, the DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE collection made its first appearance in the fashion world in New York, as part of United Colors of Fashion. Seven international clothing designers and more than 50 models combined the creations of Kapsaskis workshop, with the jewelry collection providing a unique show.

52 Kuprou str. 121 32 Athens Greece
Tel. + 30 210 5757985
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KOUZOUPIS SA Handmade exclusive jewellery creations inspired by Greek history

The goldsmith workshop founded by Anthony Kouzoupis in 1947 at Constantinople, after 65 years of continuous growth, has developed today into the company “Kouzoupis S.A” of Athens, one of the most respected creators of exclusive handmade jewellery.
Maintaining the experiences and values of the past, the firms’ mission is to safeguard and pass to the future generations, the Hellenic jewellery tradition, which started 5.000 years ago and is still developing.
Kouzoupis S.A, uses the various Hellenic history periods as point of reference and inspiration for the firm’s jewellery. The various Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Modern Greek collections, are all handmade creations by highly experienced, skilled, talented and dedicated craftsmen in the field of quality jewellery.

Our jewellery categories are:
- Ancient Greek
- Byzantine
- Modern Greek

Our jewellery is:
- handmade
- made of gold 750 (18K) and 875 (21K) white, yellow or black
- set with precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds

Our jewellery bears a hallmark indicating:
- the quality of gold 750 (18K) and 875 (21K)
- our manufacturer code Ωξ82
- the quality standards of our jewels comply fully with the international rules and regulations

Our objectives are:    
- Maintenance of handmade techniques, that gives to our creations  distinctive look and finish.
- Creation of high quality jewellery that connects the tradition of the past with the present.

Our philosophy is:
- To surpass ourselves in the art of jewellery, by creating unique pieces of art, that will respond to the needs of the present day consumers.

Exports to Europe and America
The exclusive jewellery designs of Kouzoupis S.A and its consistent quality has earned the lovers of jewellery in Greece and around the world.
The company has been engaged in exports for many years in several countries, both in Europe and in America, focusing mainly on the markets of Germany, Spain and the USA. Also maintains local offices with permanent representatives in New York and Munich.

Exhibitions in Greece and abroad
Having a dynamic production, high quality standards and fashion design, our company has managed to establish its products both in Greece and abroad.
For the best promotion of its products, the company participates in Greek exhibitions in Athens and Thessalonica, as well as world-class exhibitions such as New York, Las Vegas, Munich, Frankfurt, Madrid, Munich and Basel.
Our next goal is the establishment of our exclusive jewels in Russia and
the Arab countries.

The Athens Gold & Silversmiths Association award to the firms founder Anthony Kouzoupis, for the continuous and dedicated contribution in maintaining the Greek jewellery tradition, is a confirmation and recognition of our success.
The company has also received award for the best participation in the international exhibition of Jewellery “Kosmima” in Thessalonica.

Special Activities
Our company designed and manufactured an entire line of unique and collectible jewels for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. Among the various designs, the company manufactured the international symbol of the Olympic Games, the Olive Coronal.

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Tel.: +30 210 3228018

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EXIS JEWELLERY 30 years of Jewelry with style

Silver creations classified at the highest level of design and manufacturing quality

Combining over thirty years of presence in the top of the global jewelery and innovation, provided by designers with exceptional talent, Exis Company offers jewelry classified   at the highest level of design and manufacturing quality.

Exis jewellery was founded in Athens by Theodoros Diamantopoulos. Today, after three decades of continuous creativity continues to sculpt silver and to offer silver jewelry of high quality, with “personality” beyond the established of the commercial market.
Th. Diamantopoulos, speaking at Jewel Time, described the way in which the company operates in the creative and productive part. “Every four months, our designers’ team present to the market over 150 new designs.” Head of this design team is the founder of Exis, who has the final responsibility of the new proposed designs that the company offers to its clients and partners.

Cooperation with Swarovski
Exis creates unique jewelry collections exclusively with swarovski crystals, as since 2007 a deal has been made with the Austrian Swarovski AG by which it received the unique  worldwide code (184 0020) with quality branding “Swarovski Elements” accompanying all the jewelry.
All jewelry are designed and manufactured in the standard facilities of Exis in Athens, where the quality control is conducted by the production team, with the support of managers, sales representatives of the Greek market and sales representatives from abroad.
The distribution of Exis Silver jewelry is made through the sales network of the company and authorized dealers.

Online shop
Since 2013, the online store www.exis-jewellery-b2b.gr is available, in which one can search and choose from a wide range of collections, such as children’s jewelry, enamels, Swarovski collection etc. The collections available through the website of Exis are: Children jewellery, Arabesque, Enamels, Synblegma, Butterflies, 3D Crystal Butterflies, Flowers & Leaves, Webs, Swarovski line 1-2, Desing, Handmade diamond wire, Silvercolor, Chevallier, Crumpled Silver, Rainbow and Raindrops.
The Exis jewelry are made of 925 silver of guaranteed content. They are finished entirely by hand for maximum quality. They are Rhodium Coated - Rhodium Plated for more protection that helps them not oxidize easily, as it happens with simple silver jewelry. Finally, it should be noted that they contain no nickel, they are Nickel free.
If the jewelry is made from crystalls or contains non-silver Swarovski elements, it is always accompanied by the warranty “Swarovski elements” which indicates in the most valid way the undeniable quality.

Exis sets itself apart from the competition as it guarantees to its customers that for any possible manufacturing fault the client has the option to replace immediately the jewelry with a flawless one.
It should be noted that all products are designed by the designer and founder of the company Th. Diamantopoulos and they are unique regarding their design. They are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Athens by Greek hands and has been certified by ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008, and also Exis keeps the highest import manufacturing standards of the U.S. and European Union, because in these areas is where its jewels are exported.

exis jewellery
5 Leocharous str, 105 60,
Athens Greece
Tel.: +30 210 3231552,
FAX: +30 210 3217797
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Vicky Stavropoulou elegant creations for everyday jewelry

Vicky Stavropoulou is a Greek designer and manufacturer of fine handmade jewelry whose creations are inspired by ancient Greek history.  

Vicky’s passion for jewelry began at the young age of ten when she started making pendants with strings of beads. The turning point came when she worked for a few months at a friend’s jewelry workshop. After this, Vicky went on to follow her true passion and studied jewelry design and manufacture in Athens.

After a career as an artisan and later as a sales manager in the same field,
she started her own workshop in 2006, crafting statement pieces from 18-karat gold and delicate precious stones.
Vicky believes in the concept of fine jewelry designed to be worn by modern women every day and for all occasions. She believes that fine handmade jewelry shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. She wants pieces that are casual and classic, elegant, personal, but above all, timeless. The beauty of the collection is found in the quality of the exclusive designs and the technical details that are infused in every piece.

Beside her exclusive collection Vicky creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces sold solely to selected clients.

Vicky currently lives in Agrinio, a small town in western Greece where she has her workshop and retail store.

42, Papastratou Str.
Agrinion Greece, 301 00
Tel.: +30 26410 54775
mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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There is always and everywhere a WOMAN that gives shine and beauty to the world with her creativity, generosity and love for life.

A WOMAN who inspires us to create jewelry worthy of her.
With… SHINE & STYLE...
With… REALISM ...

Jewelry that highlight her personality and image
the same way she sparkles....
We offer to her, the most precious thing we have! Our admiration, our faith, and our feelings about her, kept and packaged in SILVER & GOLD BEVERLY JEWELRY,
with semi precious stones & gem stones with SHEEL-MOTHER & FRESH WATER PEARL as well as MEDITERINEAN REAL CORAL ....

You will find us at the international
at site : www.beverlyjewels.gr
and στο Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Prince Silvero SA Silver icons with... quality

Silver icons with... quality

The wide variety of products, the renewal and the continuous enrichment of designs, and the modern standards of the company are the triptych of the successful running of the silversmith company Prince Silvero SA which has completed two decades since its foundation, and has established itself as one of the fastest growing businesses in Greece.
One of the most dynamic categories of Prince Silvero are the silver icons that depict some of the most characteristic scenes and faces that mark the Orthodox Christian faith, such as the “Jerusalem Icon of the Mother of God”, “Virgin Mary of Bethlehem”, “Virgin Mary kazanskaya”, “Theotokos of Vladimir”, “Jesus Christ”, “the Holy Family”, “the Annunciation”, “St. Matrona”, “the Mystical Supper” and more.

Process of continuous growth
The successful growth of Prince Silvero in the field of Greek silversmithery began in 1994. Today, twenty years later, its steady upward trend, has ranked it among the top companies in the field.
As Leonidas Voditsos, CEO, stated “The structure and function of Prince Silvero is based on modern standards and includes all the separate parts of the administrative offices up to the factory where more and more products we trade are produced.”
The knowledge of the market of silver in the domestic and international market has given particular power to Prince Silvero.

Quality Policy
The overall quality that characterizes the production of icons and the other products of Prince Silvero is a top parameter in the course of the company. The goal is all the products to fully meet customer requirements with consistency, validity, reliability, lower cost, as well as the continuous improvement of the company’s competitiveness in the market.
To achieve the above objectives, Prince Silvero S.A. has adopted a Quality Management System according to the international standard EN ISO, 9001:2000 which is applicable to all company activities that affect the product quality. The Quality Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through inspection programs, evaluations and reviews. The continuous improvement of the operation and effectiveness of the company and the Quality Management System is a commitment of the Company’s management and is based on the active participation and support of all the employees.
Today, products of Prince Silvero receive special acceptance in Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Lebanon and other Arab states while the company is constantly seeking new markets to supply its high quality products.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +30 210 5775422

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One of a kind silver jewelry from Greece Galleria armadoro


One of a kind silver jewelry from Greece
Galleria armadoro was founded in 2004 by Epaminondas and Dimitra Chouliara in Athens.

Armed with the know-how of more than 20 years in the field of silver, Galleria armadoro very quickly established itself as the leading silver jewelry brand in Greece.

In recent years the strong interest from all parts of the world, gave the company a new breath. With the exports now holding more than 70% of the turnover, the jewelry of Galleria armadoro are located in the most high profile stores around the world.

Armed with the innovative design, excellent quality and the correct prices, the Galleria armadoro collections are always sold out.

7 Pierias str. 104 41 Athens Greece
T. + 30 210 5231700
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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