tendence 2016 in Frankfurt

One thousand exhibitors and 24,000 visitors on top of gifts and decoration exhibition

tendence 1

Thousands of visitors and exhibitors participated in the International Trade Fair Decoration & Gift Items tendence held in Frankfurt from 27 to 30 August. This is a major international exhibition of consumer goods in home and gift which is always carried out in the second half of the year, taking over from the Ambiente.

tendence 2

More than 24,000 trade visitors traveled to Frankfurt to see the products presented 955 exhibitors from 45 countries of the world, to be informed of all developments and new trends in the industry, to take orders and to enter into new partnerships. Nine modern exhibition halls hosted international orders forum for decoration sectors, furniture and gift items.

tendence 3

Strong brands attracted again the leading buyers from the field of consumer durable goods and gave them a unique opportunity to complete their collections of products in the second half of the year.

tendence 4

As a broad agenda report tendence boasts well separated spatial distribution of product groups, covering areas Giving (gift items & accessories) and Living (home decor furnishings and seasonal).

tendence 5

In hall 9.2, real jewels presented, gems and pearls, silver jewelry, watches, jewelry design, handbags, suitcases, travel accessories, leather goods, scarves, gloves, fashion accessories, clothing, personal care products, manicure, pedicure, cosmetics and perfumes, soaps, spa & wellness items, air fresheners, scented candles, publications Young Gifts.

tendence 6

The design and creativity play a very important role in the field of consumer goods and for this the tendence seeks to bring the focus to trend shows, design presentations, exhibitions and awards. In this context events implemented as Window dressing live, Talents, Home & Trend Award, Next, etc.

tendence 7

Stephan Kurzawski, Vice President of Messe Frankfurt, inter alia, noted that “by 2017, all of the exposure indicators development”, adding “we completed the Tendence profile with new products and product categories and expanded existing ones”.

tendence 8

Commenting on the results of the tendence René Mertens, co-owner of the company Schmuck Import / Export Mertens, he said: “We are really surprised by the results of Tendence 2016. It went so well that surpassed our initial expectations. The visitors were highly professional and Sunday was incredibly packed with people. Most of our new customers traveled from abroad, for example, from Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland“.

tendence 9

The next Tendence will be held from 24 to June 27, 2017 in Frankfurt

36% increase in visitors KOSMIMA 2015

36% increase in visitors KOSMIMA 2015

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


With enhanced size and more ... shine last year, against the difficult economic environment, we completed the 30th International Exhibition of Jewellery, Clocks and Watches, Precious Stones, Machinery and Equipment «KOSMIMA», which was held from 31 October to 2 November from DETH- Helexpo.


The traffic was significantly increased compared to last year and for three days, Thessaloniki became the focus of the jewelery and watchmaking industry. Specifically, total visitors rose to 2,593, up 36% compared to the previous event. Indeed, the first day of KOSMIMA visitor numbers showed an increase of 64% compared to the corresponding entry, while the second day of operation was enhanced by 34%. During the weekend also made important contacts among exhibitors and Greek and foreign trade visitors.
The 30th KOSMIMA this year attracted more than 80 exhibitors and covered an area of 1,800 sq.m. Attended manufacturers, laboratories, designers, importers, wholesalers and dealers of jewelry, watches and precious stones as well as companies with silver items, packaging materials and machines.


This year’s report has managed to extend significantly its holdings and restore the exhibition exhibitors had time to make their appearance, and attracted the interest and foreign trade visitors from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Hungary, Macedonia , Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Turkey and the USA.


Contest for Greek coins

Within 30 KOSMIMA held and the 26th Panhellenic Drawing Contest crafted jewelery, entitled “Coins in Greek history.” Entries in the category of students totaled 14 with 20 projects in the category of professionals in 5 equal number of projects. The first prize went Aspasia Papazisis by HRC GALILEO, the second shared Liberty Valaskatzi Polydorou and Christina Kastanio Alonso from the Cultural Organization D. N. Izmir, while the third prize went Constantine Vasdokas from IIEK MOKUME. Praise students took Georgia Deligianni (KEPKA-claimant Volos), Iris Karagiannis (1st EPAS Stemnitsa Goldsmith), Royal Davari (HRC GALILEO), Marianthi Letieri Carrick (IIEK MOKUME ) and Constantina Lamprinou (1st EPAS Stemnitsa Goldsmith) and the professional Sophia Hatzinikou (architect). The plans of all participants were presented in KOSMIMA.
The 30th KOSMIMA held under the auspices of the Panhellenic Federation of Craftsmen
Silversmiths-Kosmimatopolon- Orologopolon (POVAKO).
The 30th KOSMIMA but has an international “air”, he will visit in this year KOSMIMA The event is aimed at professionals who want to learn about new trends, to renew their contacts and develop partnerships with new and well-known companies in the industry, while while a meeting point of the dynamic Greek enterprises of the sector with selected invited trade visitors from Greece and abroad.
The 30th KOSMIMA under the auspices of the Panhellenic Federation of Craft Silversmiths-Kosmimatopolon- Orologopolon (POVAKO).

Positive sign in Baselworld 2015

Participation 1,500 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors!

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


With positive completed the leading international jewelery and watch exhibition Baselworld 2015, which took place in Basel, Switzerland for eight days. The largest and most renowned brands from around the world, the leading retail distributors and the international press once again gave the audience “present” and worked with thousands of visitors to the exhibition. It is significant that this year there was a record number of media correspondents who visited the Kingdom to meet the most “glamorous” exhibition in the world.


The Baselworld is a report that stands out from all others because it succeeds in effectively combines all the luxury industry and its components involved: Companies jewelery, clock industry, processing companies and marketing precious stones, diamonds and pearls, as well as machinery manufacturers and suppliers of related products and consumables. Overall the “present” in the report gave this year 1500 companies, which presented all the latest innovations and creations to the public. But the visitors reached 150,000 covering the entire spectrum of representatives and envoys Exhibitor as buyers and journalists as jewelers. They all felt the pulse of the pioneering developments in the industry, discovered the new trends and bought the latest collections which will be the most trendy suggestions of the international market in the coming period.


The representatives of the press who attended the report amounted to 4300 (+ 7% compared to 2014) and came from 70 countries.
According to the account of the organizers, the companies participating in the exhibition are particularly satisfied. Commenting on the result, the Francois Thiebaud, President of the Swiss Exhibitors’ Committee, said: “The Baselworld is world renowned as the premier event for the global jewelery and watch industry. What makes it special is that it is the only exhibition that reflects the most of the industry excellence bringing together all creators, from the smallest to the largest brand, and offering step in each sub-sector of the industry. “ Assessing the estimates of exhibitors participating, Mr. Thiebaud appeared convinced that “this year will be positive for the watch and jewelry industry because all the parties involved to continue to innovate, not only creating new products but by promoting and new communication routes with media and buyers. “
The Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, vice president of the house of Chopard, stressed that Baselworld continues to be “the leading event of the year, enabling us to meet and work with our clients from around the world.”
A similar view was expressed and Thierry Stern, president of the house watchmaker Patek Philippe, for which the Baselworld is the most important event of the year. “We meet all our partners and all of our international network in a specific place and time.” Mr. Stern described this year’s show as “an extraordinary event which was quite successful in terms of numbers but also of the interest shown by visitors”.
Enthusiastic were the first comments and the president of the Watch segment LVMH, who said that the group’s brand TAG Heuer, Hublot and Zenith «had excellent results above our expectations.”
However, the Baselworld not only watches and jewelry. All leading companies from the world of diamonds, gems and pearls were in Basel, as they know that there they will find their most loyal customers, all those seeking flawless stones and reliable service.
The representative of Shanghai Kimberlite Diamond Co noted that despite being their first presence at the exhibition, I was excited by the participation, the interest of visitors and the number of new partnerships have acquired.
The next Baselworld will take place from 17 to 24 March 2016.

26 Greek companies in Inhorgenta 2015

26 Greek companies in Inhorgenta 2015


Dynamic presence with 26 companies manufacturing and jewelery design industry given by Greece in the international exhibition silversmith, watches, laboratory equipment and precious stones, Inhorgenta Munich 2015, which ended a few days ago in Munich.



In particular the report participated companies: 7pm Leather Jewel, Acme Art Theodoros Christogiannis, Afoi Mavridi OE, A HANDMADE JEWELLERY, Andreopoulos E. - Chatzialexi M. OE, Apostolos Jewellery, Niki Boli, Character Jewels in Art M. Grammatikou - E. Michailidis jsc, Efi Agelaki designs, Enigma Jewellery, George Giannoutsos Jewellery, ‘GREGIO’ KOTSALIDIS BROS, Hatzimihail Michael, Huffy Jewels, “Kiss the frog studio” Myrto Gleni, Krinaki Fotini, Margaritis Eleftherios, M. Margoni - I. Mandilakis, Niki Stylianou Studio, Onirolithi - Veatriki Chasiotou, ORIGAMMI atelier, Panos & Savvas exclusive, Dimitra Papadimitriou, Pearls Center-Althea, Euripides Taloumis & Co OE and Tsimpiskaki Maria Jewelry.
The Greek companies occupied 374 square meters of exhibition center in Munich, which hosted 1,050 exhibitors from 40 countries around the world, presenting new trends and designs in 26,000 visitors from 75 countries.
During Inhorgenta Munich 2014 for the second time organized the “Inspiration Pearl Forum” on “Made in Germany”, but also a presentation of “smart” jewelry, watches, and interactive accessories. Moreover, under the “Smartwatch-Forum” presented the “clocks of the future”, but all the developments in the field of three-dimensional printing and 3D body scanning.
Much of 233 new reports of this year’s report has already indicated its interest in Inhorgenta Munich 2016, which will take place from 12 to 15 February at the Munich Exhibition Centre.
Those interested can visit the exhibition website www.inhorgenta.com to be informed about the full program and the next event.

“Flashed” the wearable technologies and “Smart” jewelry

Inhorgenta 2015

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


The 42nd Inhorgenta held in the German city of Munich has proved again that it is an important step in the promotion and communication for the watch and jewelery manufacturers and specialist dealers in the industry. A total of 1,055 exhibitors from 40 countries around the world presented their new products from 20-23 of February. Many of them expressed how extremely pleased remained during the exhibition and praised the high quality of trade visitors and the good level of orders. Such as the Frank Maier, Managing Director at Leo Wittwer, who said: “We had a very good frequency of international trade visitors and good sales in Hall B2.”



Klaus Dittrich, Chairman of the Board of the organizing company Messe München GmbH, also appeared very pleased: “Despite the tense situation in the industry, our report was characterized by a very positive mood. Numerous orders concluded demonstrated that Inhorgenta is still the most important exhibition step presence for a company seeking to award good and profitable partnerships. “


The majority of the 233 new exhibitors already announced during the exhibition that will participate again in the next edition of 2016. In all, more than 26,000 visitors from over 75 countries visited Munich in order to gather information on new products, new trends and developments in the jewelry and watch industries. Approximately one third of the visitors traveled to Munich from abroad. The most strongly represented countries were, inter alia, from the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Czech Republic and Hungary.


The satisfaction of visitors is also a fact that is reflected in the results of the survey conducted by the market Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung research institute: 94% of respondents rated the Inhorgenta as excellent, very good or good. Primarily the atmosphere in the halls and high quality exhibition environment unanimously rated as very good by the visitors.


Moreover, the Inhorgenta has given new impetus to the industry with the Inspiration Workshop, which took place for the second time this year. Apart from the main theme “Made in Germany”, further emphasis was on wearable (foresimes) technologies, “smart” jewelry and watches, and interactive fashion and accessories. The SmartWatch Forum and Seminar Program presented the watch of the future. Moreover presented the latest developments in 3D printing technology, and one of the first worldwide 3D body scanners.



As in previous reports, so this year, we can say that the hall C2 was a real springboard for many young international artists and young talented designers, who had the opportunity to present their collections to a broad audience.
The next Inhorgenta will be held in Munich from 12 to 15 February 2016 in the city’s exhibition center.


Unique value exhibition in Montreal “From Agamemnon Alexander the Great”


As a “long and fascinating journey of timeless Hellenism in distant, yet so friendly countries” characterized by many large exhibition of antiquities, launched on December 12 in the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa and will continue in Toronto and soon after, to the September 2016, the Field Museum in Chicago, the National Geographic in Washington and perhaps in other museums in Canada and the US.
The exhibition includes 562 artifacts, many of which for the first time traveling abroad, many even have never been exposed again.
Not only the number and importance of the exhibits, but also Title- “Greeks: Since Agamemnon Alexander the Great” - reveal that this is not just an exhibition, but still a long journey of Hellenism. A trip with national significance, which, through major exhibits from the archaeological museums throughout the country, but also through recent discoveries reveal our people and achievements:
From the Stone Age to the Hellenistic period.
From the Mycenaean world, developed in Greek space as a bridge between East and West, to the rise of the Macedonian kings, that change around the world known until then.
The masterpieces of sculpture, painting, jewelery making accompany the achievements of philosophy and science unraveling the unique timeless continuity and unity of our culture. The end of each season gives way to a new beginning. And yet, this section remains unbroken.


Nine modules

Nine chronological but also thematic sections make up the report. The time frame ranging from the Stone Age to the Hellenistic period, ie from about 6000 BC to the 2nd century BC “The important thing is that this is not a mere juxtaposition,” declared the General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sport Ms Lina Mendoni. “Instead, the report develops the diachrony of Greek culture and demonstrates the effective coherence between their periods and monuments they left a legacy.
Ms. Mendoni stressed that all expenses from the museological design to insurance cover foreign museums. The Greek side will only undertake the production of a two-volume accompanying catalog. One volume will cover the exhibits and the other will contain essays undertaken to write renowned scientists like Mr. Claus Lambrinoudakis and Nick Stambolidis.
The first section of the report, said the Director General of Antiquities and Heritage Ms. Maria Andreadaki- Vlazaki entitled “Preamble: The man in the prehistoric Aegean.” The subdivisions are presented works from the Neolithic Greece, the Aegean Cycladic and Minoan Crete.


Here are the modules:
• “Agamemnon and the Mycenaean world.” The royal shaft graves of the 16th century. B.C. create the basis for the myth of Rich Mycenae to Homer. Exhibited works of these burials and burials of the Achaeans from Macedonia to Crete.
• ‘’Heroes and aristocrats. “The heroes of Homer and the aristocrats are interconnected with the gods on substantive and dominant human form.
• “Athlets and Panhellenic Games,” depicting the fighting spirit of the Greeks.
• “Kouroi and Koray” where the development is emphasized imaging of Greek form of the seventh century. B.C.
• “Leonidas, King of Sparta.” The hero of the battle of Thermopylae framed by arrowheads from the battlefield.
• “The Athenians and the Republic.” Through exhibits evidence the structure and functioning of the Athenian Democracy.
• “Philip II and Alexander the Great.” The rise of the Macedonian kings of the consequences to the then known world displayed with various projects, among which silverware from the tomb of Philip II. Under the head of Alexander dominates from Pella.
• The last section is titled “The dawn of a new world” and consists of the report Hellenistic figurines that mark the era of the successors of Alexander the Great.


Exciting report

President and CEO of the Company Culture Museum, the largest museum in Canada, who annually receives 1.2 visitors from around the world, Mr. Mark O’Neal emphasized the importance for him and for his compatriots this report .
“We are committed to offer the Canadian public fascinating tales from all over the world,” he said. “And the truth is that there are many more exciting stories from the history of ancient Greece. It is estimated that this report is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind ever presented in North America for several decades.“
Mr. Neil added that discussions are underway with the Ministry of Culture and Sport for the return from the Canadian side with other reports, one of which relates to the culture of the Haida, the most ancient populations of Canada.
“We embrace the history of Greece as we embrace our own,” he said. Frederick Hibbert, spokesman of the Museum of National Geographic. “Every student knows the offer of Greek civilization in writing, philosophy, theater, democracy.
And this report represents a great opportunity to admire the items that offer through authentic objects, many of which have not climb back out of Greece.“



The collection of Cartier jewelry Marjorie Post


In this dazzling necklace from Cartier’s diamonds and sapphires, created by combining two pre-existing bracelets.

Unique jewelry of Cartier house that belonged to philanthropist and entrepreneur wife Marjorie Merriweather Post, one of the most devoted clients of the house, exposed to public view at the Hillwood Museum in Washington. The report titled “Cartier: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Dazzling Gems” was inaugurated on June 7 at Museum and Gardens in Washington and will end on December 31.
The Post, who was born in 1887 and died in 1973, inherited the company Postum Cereal Company at the age of 27, when she lost her father. The company subsequently became General Food Corp.



This pin consists of emeralds total of 250 carats, and depicts the Indian style of the house of Cartier, who worked extensively between the 1910s and 1930s, when the Post acquired her jewels.


Started collecting prestigious jewelry from Cartier from the 1920s, and has remained one of the major clients of the house for the rest of her life. Exposure to Iillwood offers visitors a representative look at the beauty and the perception that had the style of Post, which featured all her life, especially the way they lived and lifestyle adopted.
“The report of the most important Cartier jewelery acquired by Marjorie Post offers a very typical picture of that period in which the house Cartier, about 1920, embraced boldly modern sensibilities Art Deco period and attracted the most prominent but and modern clientele of the world, “said Liana Paredes, director of Hillwood museum and curator.
Among the most unique exhibits of the collection of Post is a brooch which was built seven Mogul emeralds carved in the 17th century, which weigh 250 carats, as well as a 21 carat Colombian emerald “tied” into a ring, which is worn by the emperor of Mexico, Maximilian.
A pin-shaped arrow with dazzling adamantine tassels which the Post used as a clasp for a pendant of pearls and a necklace of amethyst, turquoise and diamonds in platinum bound, show how the Cartier followed the latest fashion trends.
Also in the exhibition and several of Cartier jewelry that Marjorie Post donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 1964, as a necklace in Indian style with 24 emeralds drops cut Baroque.
Nowadays, the collection of Cartier Post remains one of the most characteristic examples the jewelry house was under the auspices of around the 20th century, according to the museum Hillwood.
“The Marjorie not simply buy jewelry for herself. It was a great connoisseur of jewelery and secrets, as he knew a lot about gemstones, and only choose the best quality, “says the executive director of Hillwood, Kate Markert. “We recognize the great plans, and knew how to wear jewelry to the latter and the same, to emerge better.”


Cartier brooch of emeralds.

Relations with Cartier

The Marjorie Merriweather Post frequented at all three stores had founded the brand Cartier between the 20s and 60s. The Pierre Cartier, one of Cartier brothers, in which the Post had the most frequent relationships with regard to markets, together with her, had developed similar interests around the Russian imperial art, and it was he who sold to Post the first project of the famous jeweler Faberge. The Post worked with Cartier to design jewelry and accessories for many years, while the relationship was instrumental in the development and improvement of the style staff to create unique works of art. Sketches from the archives of Cartier and presented in the report illustrate this fruitful collaboration.

Precious accessories

Apart from the fact that the Post bought a set of jewelry from Cartier, acquired several valuable works of art. In the decades of the 20s and 30s commissioned a series of frames for family photos, paying great attention to materials and colors will decorate each portrait. Valuables included a boudoir silver decorated with enamel, an afternoon bag platinum, as well as impressive portraits, paintings, and historical photographs, irrefutable witness the ongoing efforts of Post raising her face utilizing glow of the house Cartier.
The exhibition is organized with the support of the Foundation Marjorie Merriweather Post Foundation, and Ellen MacNeille Charles, Dina Merrill Hartley, Donald G. Preston, Jr. & Frank C. Torres III, Susan & David Thoms, Diane B. Wilsey.


Necklace pearls of Post crafted by Cartier


In the decades of the 20s and 30s the Post commissioned a series of frames for family photos, paying great attention to materials and colors will decorate each portrait

issue 7


Unique exhibits in 75 years of history


A new report about 250 jewelery, watches and other valuables which has built the house Cartier from 1900 to 1975 will be presented at the Denver Art Museum, the United States, from 16 November 2014 until 15 March 2015. This large exhibition event entitled «Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century» and organized under the logistics of Margaret Young-Sánchez and design Nathalie Crinière. The duo these rates had organized another excellent report this art museum in 2012, based on creations of famous designer Yves Saint Laurent.


The exhibition traces the history of Cartier house from the beginning of the 20th century, when the wealth of America of that time pushed the big French jeweler to open a branch in New York City, 1909. financier Americans as the banker JP Morgan and the Vanderbilt family were among discerning clientele leading jewelery house, as well as prominent representatives of the Russian aristocracy, Indian princes, members of the British royal family and other celebrities from around the world.
Among the exhibits include pieces that belonged to some of the most famous and wealthy ladies of that time, but collectors and lovers of precious objects of jewelery, such as Mexican actress María Félix, the Elizabeth Taylor, the Duchess of Windsor and Wallis Simpson .


The exhibition at the Denver Art Museum is a reality thanks to the offer from the famous collection of Cartier Collection, which includes more than 1,500 historical jewels of the house, which has been gathered diligently from the 1970s and are the great heritage of Cartier.


issue 7




The major international jewelery and watch exhibition Moscow, Junwex Moscow, takes place from 1 to 5 October 2014 in the All-Russian Exhibition Center of the Russian capital. This is the tenth event hosted in Moscow in pavilions 75 and 69 of the exhibition center, and is organized under the auspices of the Russian Jewellery Trade Club, the official representatives of the international confederation jewelry CIBJO, and the publisher’s Jewellery Russia.
The organizers point out that Junwex Moscow is the only exhibition of the Russian capital in which trade visitors can meet the leading Russian jewelry companies, as Adamas, Adamant, Diamant, Topaz, Platina, Kameya, Aquamarine, Diamonds of Kostroma, etc. . New collections will present companies like Mousson, Ringo, Master Diamond, Jewellers of Ural.Ektos But the most important Russian jeweler, will give the “present” and many other companies coming from the major countries jewelry producers such as France, Italy, India , Hong Kong, Brazil, Turkey, China, Thailand, Poland, Israel and the Arab Emirates.
Today Junwex Moscow is not only the largest and most popular international exhibition in Russia, but also the most effective for exhibitors from commercial point of view, both for jewelery manufacturers and for traders and companies in the industry, we specialize in jewelry technology, associated equipment, software etc.
The special technology section, JUNWEX Tech, offers a wide variety of products and services for the jewelry industry. It is no accident that will be complemented by the most important Russian companies in the sector, as Sisma, Fasti Industriale, Sapphire, Jeweler Partner, Juvin, Umo, Tarasov’s Plant etc .
The Junwex Moscow first opened its doors in 2005 and is now an established exhibition institution of the largest in the Russian territory. Participate jewelry companies, Clocks, wholesale traders of diamonds, gemstones and pearls, equipment, packaging, and gifts. The countries with the largest participation are Italy, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, India, Israel, Hong Kong, China, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Portugal, etc .
In last year’s event took part 718 exhibitors with their exhibits occupy a total area of 37 700 square meters, while trade visitors totaled about 19,000.


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Increasing international visitors by 116%!

With significantly increased traffic compared to last year’s tournament curtain fell 29 Kosmima, the international exhibition of jewelry, watches, precious stones, machinery and equipment, hosted annually at the exhibition center of Helexpo in Thessaloniki and which this year took place from 18 until October 20.
As announced by the organizers, all visitors were increased by 14%, reaching 2,000, while trade visitors were more than last year by 20%. Significant among these was the presence of foreign trade visitors from Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the Ukraine. Indeed, the number of foreign trade visitors was increased by 116% compared with the previous event.


Upward path

The sizes of 29 Kosmima totaled reinforced. Exhibitors increased by 17.5% and the exhibition area by 24%. In particular, exhibitors amounted to 98, while the total area of the exhibition amounted to 1,800 square meters. Direct foreign exhibitors came from Spain and Germany, while indirectly represented and firms from Britain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Hong Kong.
Within 29 Kosmima, held in cooperation with the National Federation of Craft Silversmiths Jewelers Orologopolon (POVAKO) and the 25th Panhellenic Jewellery Design Competition on “Symbolizing its uniqueness.” For the impressive creations were awarded three awards and five awards in category A, students silversmith schools and a commendation in the category B, silversmith professionals.
The next appointment for the industry of jewelry is scheduled for the exhibition “Greek Jewelry”, organized by TIF-Helexpo from 28 February to 2 March 2015 in Athens. Based on the ad picture, participation is significantly increased and the great interest.



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