Innovation, functionality and elegance “won” the judges

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Watches with striking design, innovative technology and unique functionality and jewelery with original designs and materials gained for another year the confidence of the jury in the “red dot design award 2014”, which was awarded this year’s awards to the best submitted products among hundreds other candidate 31 of this year total product categories of the competition.
The red dot award design is one of the most important design competitions worldwide. Attributed annually since 1955 by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen for products that impress for their ambitious and innovative design. The jury evaluates them based on leadership, operations, quality, ergonomics and environmental friendliness. This year, 37 international experts who formed the jury had to evaluate 6,800 products from 75 countries. As usual, the testing and evaluation of products held in Essen, Germany. The leading products in the category of your lighting present within our specials.


3D-Time Modern Watch

The watch 3D-Time Modern Watch is manufactured by Chinese company Shenzhen Fiyta Holdings Ltd ( and is based on drawings created internally in the company. The functional innovation of this clock is sectional view in relation to the traditional way in which indicate the time the other clocks, and the 3D-Time Modern Watch shows the time not only by the front display, but also from the back frame, and even users do not have to turn the clock backwards. This is what makes this model so different and unusual in comparison with all other clocks that we have in mind.
Its unique appearance -kasa with 45mm diameter and thickness 13.9 mm- make it suitable for any wrist. This is a product that combines high artistic construction with the functionality and feel of the future and technology.



The wall clock arte tempus® been manufactured by German company Sigel GmbH ( to design the German company ipdd GmbH & Co. KG (
The artetempus not only shows the time but also operates in the area and as decorative element and quality design. It combines both aesthetics and functionality.
Very beautiful and separately for their minimalist details and materials combine to great effect, external indicators signal the excellent quality of workmanship.


Hearing Clip

The original hearing aids Hearing Clip the German company Sandra Coym, ( combine the developed technology to help people who have impaired hearing, the aesthetics of the handmade art of jewelery. This is an extremely innovative combination. The golden or silver braid surface of these elegant earrings ensure the best possible audio quality to the user of Hearing Clips. The “secret” lies in the fact that the strict form follows function and dimensions of high-tech hearing aids.

Masterpiece Mystery

The Masterpiece Mystery wristwatch is a product of the German company Maurice Lacroix SA ( and based on designs of Michel Vermot and Sandro Reginelli company.
The watches Maurice Lacroix attract many fans with their quality. The mechanical watches collection Masterpiece Collection, which launched in 1990, have been repeatedly surprised the market with its new design their details. In the “character” of the Masterpiece Mystery seamlessly follow the steps in this collection.
Besides the easily recognizable features of the brand, such as the impressive skeleton appearance ie the appearance of the clock in kantran- mechanism impresses and “mysterious” second hand. Driven by a strong and reliable mechanism that operates self-winding, the seconds hand marks a linear reading of the hour in alternating horizontal and vertical circles. The direction seems to change every 15 seconds. Users impressed and impress their friends with the function of the mechanism. This is certainly the result of an optical illusion caused by the pink or blue color of the indicator, which appears to rotate weightless around its axis. The color blue or rhodium (metal of the platinum group which slightly browned) covering the indicator also shows the time “2”, while the remainder of the display allows users to see inside the device thanks to the design of the skeleton display.
The Masterpiece Mystery offered in two series limited to 125 pieces each and coated either rhodium or ruthenium.
Finally, the user can see the operation of the mechanism of the watch and the back of the display that is also transparent, and is protected by sapphire crystal.


Pontos S Diver

The Pontos S Diver is another clock that stood out from the German watchmaker Maurice Lacroix SA, designed by Sandro Reginelli. To Pontos S Diver is waterproof in water to a depth of 600 meters.


As you would expect from a professional diving watch is equipped with an automatic helium escape valve. The stainless steel housing of the timepiece has a diameter of 43 mm. The black display is equipped with a collar that bears coating material Superluminova, as well as time markers. In addition, the indicators minutes and seconds are outlined in red. Finally the clock features and date display. The Pontor S Diver operates with self-winding mechanism that ensures power reserve 38 hours.


Lambda Weißgold

The handheld Lambda Weißgold clock built by German watchmaker NOMOS Glashütte / SA, ( in projects of the German company also Berlinerblau GmbH, of Michael Paul, the Swiss company Studio Hannes Wettstein AG, and the German Axel Kufus Werkstudio.


The Lambda combines the highest possibilities of technology in watchmaking with sophisticated design. Its appearance is dominated by the elegant decor of sapphire crystal, while the frame is surrounded by a ring of white gold. Operation of beautiful clockwise which is made of blue steel refers to kinetic sculpture. Apart from indicators of hour, minute and second, there is an additional indicator of the level of the clock energy autonomy, which at the height amounts to 84 hours.


Jacob Jensen Curve Series

The watch Jacob Jensen Curve Series built by the Dutch watchmaker S. Weisz Uurwerken BV ( in projects of the Danish company Jacob Jensen Design. To Curve is a trendy Unisex watch. The frame 38 mm diameter is not connected to the strap in the usual way rather than more “sliding” over the. This app gives you the ability to create various combinations between the watch case and strap option. The organic form of the clock is underlined by the gently curved crystal dial and the combination of polished rim against the matte frame. The quartz mechanism shows the time through a large red marker, while the rotary dial shows the minutes as it passes from steady green light.


Niessing Topia

The earrings and pendant Niessing Topia manufactured by German jewelers Niessing Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG ( in projects of Nina Georgia Friesleben.
From time immemorial, the precious metals like gold and platinum, are used to create jewelry thanks to their specific properties. The design of Niessing Topia inspired by the expressive power of natural landscapes. This was accompanied by the question whether it would be possible to obtain these metals a variable number of layers and depth.
The design process began with the aesthetic akin to a folded paper and the desire of the designer to simulate these folds with the production of thin, foldable gold leaf and platinum. This was achieved through an innovative laser process allows drawing fine lines on sheets of gold and platinum.
The laser procedure first determines the folds. Then, with a very light touch, the precious metal can be processed and take three-dimensional shape. In every aspect, large leaves are gaining in stability. This subtle approach is the “secret” behind the stunning appearance of Niessing Topia. The corrugations having these jewelery offer an extremely soft texture. Gold and platinum shine with amazing shades of color and create a striking interplay combining light and shadow.