Colored Diamonds

The biggest auctions of 2015

Blue Moon Josephine

The large colored diamonds, bright red rubies and colorless diamonds proved that they were the most popular gemstones in auctions that took place the past year, in fact constituting the ten most expensive jewelry purchased at auction.

The results in 2015 are no different to those of 2014, the year in which the jewelry sold more expensive compared to all other was «Zoe Diamond», a colored blue 9.75 carat diamond bought for 32.6 million. Dollars! And in 2015, then, a blue diamond came first, the «Blue Moon of Josephine», which is 12.03 carats, completely flawless, and was sold for 48.4 million. Dollars last November in Geneva in Sotheby’s auction house.
Another diamond was bought by the same anonymous owners, the «Sweet Josephine», versus 28.5 million. Dollars, this time in the auction house Christie’s, also last November.

Sweet Josephine

Third place this year captured the colored pink diamond 16.08 carats and the «Sunrise Ruby», a deep red ruby 25.59 carats.

Sunrise Ruby

Apart from the precious stones and jewels that broke the record in last year’s auctions of the largest firms in the world, the eyes and the ... anonymous private money attracted some excellent masterpieces like the piano miniature with gold leaf 24 carat of Elvis Presley, which was sold for $ 610,000 last November. Also, the hand Omega Constellation watch that Elizabeth Taylor had donated to Richard Burton sold for $ 12,000 in September.


Successful selling rubies


The company Gemfields recently announced that as part of the sale at auction of high and middle grade rough rubies katefere to a turnover of around 28.8 million. Dollars, or $ 317.92 per carat.
The auction took place from 14 to 18 December in Singapore and the success of the sale amounted to 98% in terms of volume of allocated blocks or 95% in terms of weight.
The sale included rubies that were available in both raw and in processed form, but larger volumes of small stones and stones that are in direct correspondence with the market demand. Note that there is an increased demand for raw rubies from jewelery manufacturers.
However, assessing the five auctions held by the Gemfields from June 2014 onwards, rubies earning preferences and market confidence are in particular those coming from the mine Montepuez Mozambique as their sales amounted to 150.8 million. dollars.


To auction world’s largest meteorite carving

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

bonhams new

Called “Yorick,” the skull is the world’s largest known meteorite carving, according to the auction house. Artist Lee Downey created the piece by acid-etching the carving to uncover the meteorite’s singular, lattice-like “Widmanstätten” pattern.
Gibeon meteorite, which is iron-based and one of the rarest forms of the debris, originated billions of years ago from an unstable planet that existed briefly between Jupiter and Mars. During its journey through space, the meteorite’s alloys crystallized to form an octahedral crystalline structure that cannot be recreated on Earth.
Bonhams said when the meteorite met the Earth’s atmosphere some 1,000 years ago, it exploded over the Kalahari Desert in Namibia and was discovered by the Nama people.
Downey’s carving weighs 21,070 grams, which amounts to a little more than 46 pounds.
“By sculpting the skull’s undulating curves, and because each crystal reacted uniquely to the acid treatment, Downey brought out features never seen before in Gibeon,” said Claudia Florian, Bonhams co-consulting director for lapidary works of art, specimen gemstones and minerals. “It’s out of this world.”
Downey said he chose Gibeon meteorite because it “best embodies the ‘mystery’” of the human skull. He took measurements from an actual male skull to ensure realism and accuracy, and named the piece Yorick as a reference to the dead court jester whose skull triggers a monologue by Hamlet in the play of the same name.
Bonhams will put Yorick up on the auction block at its Los Angeles Lapidary Works of Art, Gemstones and Minerals sale scheduled for Nov. 24.


World record in selling pink diamond


A significant world record in pink diamond auctions fell a few days ago in Switzerland. According to Christie’s, the auction of November conducted in the city of Geneva, the most expensive item sold between rare and fine wines, unique clocks and stunning jewelery, was the piece with lot code 409, a pink diamond 16.08 carats that sold for 28.52 million. dollars. The diamond was cut and pillow was the great protagonist of the evening. He was “tied up” in a ring enclosed by white diamond style double pave.
It was acquired by a private Asian buyer who “baptized” new signing after the completion of the auction, «Sweet Josephine», ie “Sweet Josephine”. In the auction was attended by total customers from 35 countries of the world and the total turnover was 126.44 million. Dollars.


This sale and even the new record the accompanied, came to prove that there is great demand by wealthy individuals for such markets as commented Raul Kantakia, head of Jewellery house Christie’s. In addition, underlined the great interest of the market for rubies as well as proved by results, all 27 samples that participated in the auction were sold and in exceptional prices. This of course means that the upcoming auction of December 1 in Hong Kong, which will be presented including an extremely rare 15 carat ruby ​​from Burma, will it also has great interest.

Auction house Bonhams

The collection of Lauren Bacall was sold for 3.64 mil. USD

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


The jewels of one of the most emblematic figures of Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall, yielded great profit to the house Bonhams New York auction. The agency managed to sell 740 items and the collection of the actress, among them thirty pieces that were painted top jewelry houses such as Tiffany, Cartier and Chanel.
Among the leading jewelry collection Bacall included the necklace chain yellow gold 14 carats of Tiffany & Co. which sold for $ 52,500, a diamond ring, amethyst and turquoise of the same firm also gained versus $ 52,500 and a bracelet signed the firm Schlumberger gold 18 carats and diamonds, which sold for $ 50,000. A second bracelet Schlumberger gold 18 carats and another of blue enamel and gold was sold for $ 35,000 each, like a necklace of carved turquoise and enamel.


Born in 1924 in New York, aka Betty Joan Perske, began her career as a model and later became an actor in film. He was only 19 when she made her film debut in the «To Have and Have Not», next to Humphrey Bogart. Along with the famous actor will co-starred in the films «Key Largo», «The Big Sleep» and «Dark Passage». The two married in 1945 and had two children. They remained married until Bogart’s death from cancer in 1957. After the death of his great love, he remarried and had another child.
The Bacall, which starred in over thirty films in her career, died last August at the age of 89 years. The Bonhams auction house took to auction more than seven hundred items from his personal collection.
In addition to jewelry, the collection of Bacall included many other items such as art, English and French of the 18th and 19th century furniture, luggage etc. One of the most distinctive pieces of luggage was a set of Louis Vuitton with monogram, who was sold for $ 43,750 and a suitcase of the same house sold for $ 40,000. Overall, the sale of 740 objects in the collection of the actress in the house yielded 3.64 million. Dollars.

Record price for a necklace of colored pearls

Five million. Dollars bought at auction the Christie’s

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


In the record price of EUR 5 million. Dollars sold a necklace consisting of four series of natural colored pearls in an auction of the house Christie’s in New York.
Pearls are sized from 4.90 to 12.65 mm and the necklace was purchased from a private derived from Asia, as spokesman of the auction house. With this value, most jewelry is the most expensive necklace bought at auction process of natural colored pearls.
According to the house Christie’s «natural pearls achieve impressive figures, following the strong demand that exists for the pink and blue diamonds JAR creations offered in the same auction.”

The Sotheby’s sold a “flawless” diamond versus 22.1 million. Dollars

The Sotheby’s sold a “flawless” diamond versus 22.1 million. Dollars


Within just three minutes from the start of the auction sold the 100 carat flawless diamond which pulled out in the auction house Sotheby’s in New York under the Magnificent Jewels Auction. Indeed, the price jumped to outrageous amount of $ 22,100,000!
At all by chance is this “feat” for the precious diamond as it is one of the largest diamond ever sold at auction in the world. According to international media, only five “perfect” diamonds of over 100 carats have been sold at auction, including an oval-cut diamond 118 carats had sold over $ 30.6 million in Hong Kong in 2013.


The diamond of 100 carats which broke the box office of the famous auction house were extracted in South Africa and required a total period of one year to cut its final form.
This diamond was included in the tour conducted by the well-known firm in Dubai, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Doha.

Auction in Geneva broke all records

The house Sotheby gained 160.9 million. Dollars. Of precious jewelry


Ruby ‘The Sunrise Ruby’ 25,29 carats from Burma was sold for 30.3 million. Dollars.

The auction house Sotheby’s, Magnificent Jewels & Noble Jewels, which was held in Geneva recently succeeded in selling fine jewelery with a total turnover of 160.9 million. Dollars.


The sale of ‘The Historic Pink Diamond’ reached 15.9 million. Dollars.

This is the highest turnover worldwide in jewelry auction. Many records were broken during this auction. For example, the sale of ‘The Sunrise Ruby’, an astonishing and incomparably rare ruby ​​Bourmas 25.29 carats, which sold for 30.3 million. Dollars.


Tiaras Duchess of Roxburghe, which along with other jewels sold over 6.6 million. Dollars.

This sale generated a new auction record for rubies. Another important snapshot of the Geneva auction was the sale of ‘The Historic Pink Diamond’, which reached 15.9 million. Dollars and jewelry Duchess of Roxburghe, sold in total over 6.6 million. Dollars.


Auction Sotheby’s creations belonging to the famous Greek collector

The big auction Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels of the house Sotheby’s being held in Geneva will have Greek ... representation, among hundreds of valuable items to be auctioned on November 12 and includes 10 unique jewelry that is in possession of a famous Greek collector. It Dimitri Mavrommatis, who is among the most important art lovers around the world and avid collectors of valuable treasures.
Among the precious creations that holds the D. Mavromatis and to be auctioned, including around dazzling “Graff Ruby”, one of the best rubies the size of the world. It is a ruby weighing 8.62 carats adorning a ring, which had been extracted from Burma, the depths of which have been discovered and have come to the surface some of the most unique red precious gems in the world. The Graff Ruby, according to a report of the Swedish Gemological Institute is exceptional purity and brilliance and it also has the honor pre-analysis 5300000-7000000 euros!                 
All jewelry collective Dimitri Mavrommatis, presented at auction titled «Dimitri Mavrommatis: The Passion of Collecting» («The passion of collecting”) are:

LOT 456
Very fine brooch with diamond, Graff
Estimate 100,000-150,000 dollars
LOT 457
Earrings with Colombian emeralds weighing 10.90 and 12.41 carats of diamonds, Graff
Rating 250000-350000 dollars
LOT 459
Ring with pink diamonds weighing 1.86 carats, Graff
Rating 300000-500000 dollars
LOT 460
Ring with rare blue diamond weighing 3.16 carats
Rating 2000000-3000000 dollars
LOT 463
Earrings with sapphires, rubies Bourmas 4.89 carats and diamonds weighing 3.06 carats, JAR
Rating 400000-700000 dollars
LOT 464
Earrings hanging from impressive morgkaniti, rubies and diamonds, JAR
Rating 400000-550000 dollars
LOT 465
Ring with diamond very good purity weighing 13.27 carats, color D, internally flawless, type IIb
Rating 1400000-2000000 dollars
LOT 468
Ring with rare and exquisite Kashmir sapphire and diamond weighing 27.54 carats
Rating 3000000-6000000 dollars
LOT 469
Ring with magnificent diamond, 16.37 carat, color D, internally flawless, type IIa
Rating 1800000-3000000 dollars


LOT 470
The top jewelry collection “Graff Ruby”.This is a ring very famous and important because it has “tied” an amazing ruby Bourmas weighing 8.62 carats, brightened around with small diamonds. This jewel of Graff.
Rating 6800000-9000000 δολάρια


The house Vonhams revives the glorious past of the great divas of Hollywood


Eagerly expected to arise from the house of New York Bonhams auction, thirty favorite jewelry of the actress Lauren Bacall, among 700 other objects will auction the house next spring. The jewels of the great divas of Hollywood have painted top jewelery houses such as Cartier, Chanel and Tiffany & Co.
Bacall died last August at the age of 89 years, after a rich career on the seventh art, and after a stormy life, where the dominant role played by the man of her life, the legendary Humphrey Bogart. Some of the jewels that will auction the house Bonhams designed by legendary designers such as Jean Schlumberger. Indeed this necklace, worn by Lauren Bacall, when awarded by the American Academy in 2009 on the overall contributions to the seventh art.
Among the top jewels that will be presented for sale, including, therefore, the bracelet of Schlumberger from 18k yellow gold with blue enamel, which is expected to start from 20,000 to 30,000 dollars, a ring of 18k yellow gold set with diamond, amethyst and turquoise, also creation of Schlumberger, which is expected to have a starting price of $ 12,000, and two gold bracelets ‘cords’ 18 carats, which are the Bacall used to time together on the same wrist as a bracelet.


Besides jewelery, the collection of Bacall will include sculptures, and other modern and classical art, English and French furniture from the 18th and 19th century, and luggage. Approximately 700 pieces of the collection are estimated to reach 3 million. Dollars. This auction will take place from 31 March to 1 April 2015.

Agatha Christie Cast on auction

Sold a ring and a brooch


Two jewels that once belonged to famous Englishwoman police novelist and playwright Agatha Christie, sold on October 8 from the house Bonham auction for about $ 80,000.   
The ring that brought three precious stones, was sold for $ 35,146 despite the fact that the original estimate was only at $ 8,000, while the brooch of diamonds sold at $ 44,184, also well above the original estimate was 12,000 dollars.
Interestingly, however, that the jewels of the great writer today went into the hands of another excellent writer, whose works are sold as a best seller. As announced one day after the auction house Bonham, the buyer was the husband of Sophie Kinsella, who bought them in order to donate.
Sophie Kinsella has become famous for the so-called Shopaholic series, referring to actors who are addicted to shopping and excessive consumerism (shopaholic, neologism derived from the English word shop -agorazo, psonizo- and refers to the alcoholic, ie alcoholic) . These series include the «Confessions of a Shopaholic», the «Can You Keep a Secret?» And «I’ve Got Your Number».
The ring and brooch considered initially lost, as indicated on representatives of the house Bonham. Only mentioned as heirlooms in her autobiography Agatha Christie, but their whereabouts remained unknown for years.
But in 2006, a fanatical reader of Christie took part in the sale of items from the house of childhood of the author. The lady paid about $ 150 for an old wooden chest that belonged to her mother Christy, and discovered the pin and ring in a small locked safe that was well hidden inside.
“We are pleased to offer these two nice pieces, which not only from a brilliant owner, but accompanied by a very beautiful story that brought them back on track, after many years that all our thought ‘lost ‘, “said Carol Gordon, head of jewelery section of the house Bonham. The Gordon ended up recording with meaning that “amazing prices achieved in the sale was simply the icing on the cake”


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