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We are at the turn of the new year, with the expectations of all, despite the poor season last year, to develop at least this year, in a good time for everyone.

The exhibition “Greek Jewelery” is for many Greek and non-Greek manufacturers the tool for their penetration into the tourist market and beyond.
If we recall the numbers that Helexpo gave us from last year’s exhibition, we will notice interesting things. Do not forget that the success or failure of an exhibition is based on a very large percentage of the attendance of its visitors.
The total exhibitors were 255 and the total number of visitors amounted to 3750. What does this mean, average visitor per exhibitor of just 14.7, do we satisfy these figures? If so then there is not the slightest issue, but if not, then we should consider the following.
And of course the biggest responsibility for raising numbers, the exhibition organizer has always been, what exactly did he do? Did it promote correctly? The ad? And in what way and where? Tried to find ways for an easier and perhaps more economical solution for people from the province? In relation to the outside? Which was targeted? Had the effect?
There is much that we could say, but my good exhibitors do not mean in any case that you do not share your share of responsibility.
I know exhibitors who spend several thousand euros to attend the show and yet have not even given a moment to inform their clients.
What I know is that a company, whether it is large or small, tries with resources that it can have in principle communicate that the whole range of its products will be exposed there ... This alone should be an incentive for Its customers, because in another way a store can see the entire collection of its products. Most of them are visiting the shops either with a fake sample, or with part of the range, or even with the tablet, not to mention the businesses that just wait for the show to organize their production.
You should also be in control. A good idea would be to have a variety of tricks - additional incentives for visitors. I’m not in a position to determine what exactly would be what “would work” or not, it is your responsibility and responsibility, that is, whether you would have an additional discount or that someone else might offer, but certainly never Have hurt the extra motives.
Time is still there, what is needed is a goal and a strategy on the part of exhibitors, to make this year’s exhibition the starting point for a very good and constructive year.

Tasos Spanoudis

For some it was a difficult year, for others an ordinary year for a small portion of professionals, a good year.
What is it that makes a difference to some? Especially in a demanding year in the midst of unprecedented economic crisis? In my opinion, the times require more effort than ever before and also worth to recall, some basic principles for the sale of products or services.
How many know the theory of 4P?
He was in 1960 when Professor Jerome McCarthy referred to the 4P, from then until now most companies in the world, chasing their strategy based on this theory.
1. Product. This so obvious point is the point where most stand and for longer. Of course I do not support (or the professor of theory), that the product does not require our respective attention, since it also is our driving force. But this which is the principle of this theory is that we should observe the balance and the remaining 3 points.
2. Price. If someone thoroughly studied the theory of 4P, will understand that a “cheap” product alone can not stand on any market. Of course it should be competitive, but also plays an important role and the “value” of the product, without forgetting that we have two other points that we must look.
3. Promotion. This is the weirdest or misunderstood point. Advertising, promotions, promotions, packaging, name brand and so many other things we can do. Of course, today our industry is composed of small - sized enterprises, so there is the “all by myself I do.” I believe, however, that the small and someone should have a percentage of revenue, so you can get a view of a more specific, or at least should have time for studying and watching the general area marketing.
4. Place. Do you shop? or belong to wholesalers? Different things you should consider. But you will agree with me that this point, especially nowadays with the technology at our feet (internet, social media, etc.) should always be concerned about.
Very briefly (I could not also to develop the entire theory of professor), like in this issue to refer to the value of the theory of 4P. Because personally, I would like to know every end of year and beginning a new and what went badly and what went well, and of course due to this. In fact, I think no one can guarantee success, but history has shown that there are ways that it is worthwhile to try.
In 2017, it seems it will continue to be a year, with difficulties and a state that can not stand next to professional, as it should, but that should in no case, to deprive our hope and vision that everyone has of us, himself, his family and his business.
I personally and all those working for the magazine “Jewel Time” and the website “www.jeweltimemag.com”, we wish they, all your desires, are made
in 2017.

Tasos Spanoudis

Another tourist season is heading towards integration and our country counted an important visitors coming from around the world, according to the latest data of SETE, 2016 covering the initial target of 25 million. Tourists (plus 2.5 million. the cruise). However, tourist revenue every indication, will close at levels significantly lower than expected, after the announcement of the seven months results of the Bank of Greece, which record decline 5% or lag 346 mil. Euro compared to the same period last year. He notes in particular a statement of the Greek Tourism Business Association, as particularly negative point marked decline -3%, or about 104 million. Euro in July, a development that will likely affect the annual results.
Depending the messages that come not only from hoteliers and tourist accommodation owners, and other professionals now rely solely on tourism to sustain their businesses. For example, jewelers and companies operating in jewelry, watch and other valuables clearly indicate reduced turnovers, despite the tourist mobility in their places and it certainly troubling.
Many are the factors that, in our opinion affect the course of Greek tourism and its competitiveness, but also how it affects the entire market, and with this jewelry. In particular, increases in excess of 10% in tourist cart, successive increases in VAT rates, the abolition of the reduced rates of the islands, as well as charges of all sub-sectors of tourism with new fees and taxes, stepped change in consumer trend tourists, characterized by moderate costs compared to previous years.
Also important problem emerges for the jewelry industry, the large hotel policy and cruise organizers direct to shops tourists, or the “limit” indirectly, in the places with highly attractive packages, so as not to leave room to work and other businessmen.
And all this happened in a period of tremendous uncertainty in the geopolitical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, so that our country will not be able to capitalize on the fact that it remains the safest tourist destination in relation to the surrounding area.

Tasos Spanoudis

With high expectations began this year’s tourist season in Greece, with all estimates of the competent bodies to refer to new arrivals and record significant growth of the entire tourism industry turnover. Let us not forget that part of the industry is the domestic silverware, as an important part of the turnover of the industry carried out by the indirect exports to customers millions of tourists who visit us each year.
However, the first quarter of actual data, for 2016, a reflection. Anecdotal data ELSTAT speak of decline in turnover in the tourism sector, and more specifically in the hotels and catering services by 11.7% (compared with an increase of 3.5% in the first quarter of 2015).
On the other, the world of small businesses and their customers, consumers, from June 1 they were confronted with a new wave foroafxiseon. VAT was increased from 23% to 24%, while new charges have excise taxes on unleaded, LPG and natural gas, but also on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.
The Greek economy is in recession for the last eight years, Greek companies are experiencing a difficult reality. The pleasant period however is that we are already in view of the vote on the new development law, which many operators of small and medium enterprises with a positive step, even if it comes too late. Certainly the objections heard speak of a development law where the state lacks funds for subsidies. This is the main reason why it has limited the range of eligible projects and has emphasized a number of minor exemptions and commitments to tax stability.
What in fact is the country in recent years, is imposing increasingly higher taxes, without taking into account the impact on economic activity, but without changing anything in a dysfunctional and inefficient tax administration mechanism.
Today, Greece, despite changes allegedly implemented under the memoranda, is still lagging behind in all rankings, in terms of friendliness to business. If exercise trading conditions do not improve, with immediate and generous assistance from the part of the State, the consequences for the economy and jobs will be uncontrollable. And especially in industries such as the jewelery damaged as few in times of crisis, as products of a species not basic survival.
They should therefore accelerate reforms to improve the investment environment in the country, to ensure a stable and favorable tax environment, and to create effective competition in the market. No more luxury for lost resources and opportunities.

Tasos Spanoudis

The exhibition “Greek Jewellery” which is the most important annual exhibition appointment of Greek silversmith, carried out at a time that has symbolic implications. In the last days of winter to spring to follow the Greek industry and jewelry crafts seeking its own “Lost Spring” battling with time and detecting new roads and development beyond the current protracted crisis.
The great ally of the jewelry industry is certainly the excellent course of Greek tourism. With 2015 now belongs to the past, as a country we recorded three consecutive years with record arrivals and receipts. “Three years in which, amid a general downturn, we exceeded all our targets,” they note, and representatives of hoteliers.
With very positive omens starts for Greek tourism and 2016, and all indications so far suggest that the new year we will have another increase in arrivals and bookings. This trend is supported by the data released by the Bank of Greece a few days ago, according to which in the first nine months of 2015 (January to September), the number of arrivals in the country reached 22.6 mil., An increase of 9 1% compared with the same period in 2014, while at the same time the overnight stays increased compared to 2014
by 2.3% (more than 170 million.) and revenues reached 12.788 billion. euros, up 6 , 6% compared with the previous year.
Certainly Greece is not only tourism. They are problems, and bills are coming to vote for insurance and tax, which exacerbate and polarize the social climate and create explosive conditions for the normal course of business for which it is assumed that all rulers occasionally cut.
However, the “Greek Jewel”, the largest international jewelry exhibition in Greece, as shown by the experience so far in recent years, with the continuous increase in traffic, exhibitors and exhibition area, can be a springboard for a positive year for the Greek jewelry. Highlighting the characteristics of Greek production and originality in design concept, refreshing contacts and collaborations Greek producers with overseas markets, and giving new life and optimism for the days of the “spring” that all hope will come from “tomorrow”…

Tasos Spanoudis

“After a comparative study of European technical education systems, study of the domestic labor market needs and development professions contours concluded that health professions and occupations Goldsmith, no feasibility provided by Secondary Education”.
He says non paper of the Ministry of Education a few days before announced by the same Minister to delete a number of specialties which for years were educated object of Vocational Lyceum of the country, as the silversmith, the dismissal of about 2500 teachers and Removal of the free access many children from low income families in an art which, despite the difficulties of the crisis, an asset for a professional perspective.
Of course, in a country that is moving blindly, the only “compass” understandings and loan agreements, many obvious things now become meaningless. The profession of silversmith has received consecutive shocks due to the dramatic deterioration of the economic situation of the Greeks, now instead jewelers neighborhoods have filled pawnshops and an art jeweler that our country has a tradition of 5000 years at least goes with heavy steps towards the future.

Tasos Spanoudis

Domestic jewelery, one of the most historic and enduring industries in Greece for another year has seen shrinking and withering, as hundreds of crafts put padlock, not withstanding the unprecedented economic crisis.
However, what can a Greek jewelery business? To put it down? To think the ... moving abroad? We would say that the only hope to endure the current situation is to open our wings and fly our economic activities in international markets even withstand the blows of the crisis or have not even experienced.
But our presence in the recent jewelry exhibition in Moscow, as the only international jewelry magazine available in Russian, is to show the “agent”, the way through which they must tread the Greek companies in the sector, looking with the look outwardly!
Helper in this effort, and indeed precious, may prove the “Extraversion - Competitiveness of Enterprises II”, offering aid to design, production and promotion of products in foreign markets that reach up to 55% of the cost of investment plan envisaged in the program, which we present in the pages of JT.
The Program supports the international competitiveness of Greek SMEs. Firms receiving operating grants and investment projects that will make them competitive abroad (modernization of equipment, change of packing, obtaining international certification, marketing in third countries, etc.). The goal is as many media to show foreign trade as their priority strategy and guide the program to fulfill few substantive requirements.
We seize many such opportunities will be presented and to do everything we can to get to the international markets, where the jewelry market is growing and even rapidly. Let us not lose precious time!

Tasos Spanoudis

The domestic jewelry market is still swirled in an unprecedented economic crisis in the country, about five years after placing us under memoranda and external supervision. All these years led many professionals with extensive route into the profession in distress in slack in padlocks, changing the human geography of one of the most historic professions in Greece.
At the beginning of this period, some say that the sacrifices will quickly bring change in the situation. Unfortunately, the ‘sacrifice’ remain but the situation does not change. And this is the writing on the occasion of the crucial consultation was underway when our magazine went to press, in relation to what the new tax measures will be required to get the newly elected Greek government.
Under controlled public information, much has been said and “revealed” about establishing a new “special tax” which if actually imposed, it will result in a new blow to purchase jewelry, giving perhaps the final blow. The price already baptized “excise” and “estimated” that will amount to 6%, would apply to the sales of equipment under the luxury tax (eg watches, jewelery, works of art). The measure will probably applied on the Aegean islands which reduced rates apply.
This measure will attempt to present as imperative as “law” because it draws money from the pockets they want and can afford to purchase items not emergency. However, the answer is that this is a whole industry with SMEs and many workers being targeted, and condemned. And the first signs are already coming from data has the Jewel Time from the same ELSTAT, and showing that exports jewelry and gemstones are going down. But the recent publication of the ICAP study for 40 most profitable sectors of the Greek economy in 2014, which shows that the sector of the clock is absent, although included in 2013.
Therefore, the State need to deal with another point the jewelry and watch industry, equally with other productive sectors and not as a “scapegoat.” Because the price will be heavy for everyone ...

Tasos Spanoudis

After targeted interventions ‘unsuspected’ time, the president of POVAKO Mr. Christos Gourgiotis together with the Secretary General Mr. Rachmanidi, managed not only to provide a potential “present” with the views and proposals in the Consultation on the new ESPA, and eventually convince the authorities on the need to bring the jewelry industry in the new NSRF 2014-2020.
This is a very important development since the silversmith industry for the first time joined the new NSRF and approved by the Ministry of Development, between strong sectors such as tourism, health, energy and information technology.
Additionally, POVAKO last November sent to the Ministry of Development “Proposal” for the need for competitiveness pole for Greek jewelry and for the first time, a comprehensive sector study with contents.
All this substantial intervention of the federation of industry, enables the jewelry business to join in any of the seven programs that give 198 million. Euro subsidy up to 100% in SMEs. The subsidy rate shall be 50% of the investment and the budget of the project can range from 20,000 euros to 200,000 euros.
This is certainly a very important development that offers notes of optimism and breaths funding in a sector that is suffocating from the ongoing economic crisis. A crisis, which has even resulted in a further decline of exports jewelry and gemstones, as shown by the recent announcement of the overall data for 2014 by ELSTAT.
They henceforth go otherwise things? Surely many will be judged by how things develop at international level, the negotiations with our partners, the new agreement-bridge, or perhaps a new loan agreement. We hope, however, the labors of so many years, the strength of so many professionals and all Greeks do not go to waste, and soon to “shine” again in Greek jewelry in the domestic and international market.

Tasos Spanoudis

With optimism and expectations smiles await enterprises operating in the jewelery market and watch this year’s holiday season, whereas the climate of consumer ... poverty and skepticism will end and people will walk to the shops and shopping streets, pedestrian, not only to ‘gaze’ window shopping, or to “change performances” but to choose what you would like to donate to his loved ones, or why not, and to himself!
As our updated by Deloitte, 2014, European consumers intend during the festive season of Christmas, to spend money which is only 3% lower compared with the actual costs themselves felt they made the holiday season of 2013.
In Greece, consumers say they plan to reduce even further their budget by 12.5% compared to the actual costs that they themselves felt they made the holiday season of 2013. An approximately 40% of the estimated available amount, intended for gifts. The crucial question, of course, for the jewelry and watch industry is that its own “gifts” conspicuously absent from the popular consumer preferences. Gifts Greek consumers said they would offer more are clothes and shoes (45%), books (49%) and perfumes and cosmetics (33%).
However, a closer look at the data shows that “rises” significantly compared to last year, the desire for jewelry and watches, especially by women. Why is it so low a precious gift? Due to the high value of? Yet, there are now products of our industry at very affordable prices, payment terms and other measures that can help the buyer.
In our opinion, what arises is the absence of more live jewelry companies and watch the scenes of marketing. Has reduced too all these years the presence, advertising on TV, radio, magazines, both of Greek jewelry and clock. This tactic proved however that gives space to competing products, limiting the choice of a beautiful ring or a stylish clock ...
Did the new year 2015 the industry should “become bold” and move otherwise?

Tasos Spanoudis